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Beyond the Call and Genghis Blues playing at Temecula Valley Film Festival
By Marko Puljić | Published  09/11/2006 | Events , Culture And Arts | Unrated
Screening of new movie by Croatian-American Filmmakers

BEYOND THE CALL and GENGHIS BLUES playing at Temecula Valley Film Festival (LA/San Diego area)


Hello Friends,

For those in the Southern California area and friends there, we are very excited to announce that BEYOND THE CALL and GENGHIS BLUES (oh, the legs on that film) are screening at the Temecula Valley Film Festival this week, Sept. 13 - 17th.

I will be attending the whole festival doing Q&A after each screening. Come out for a beautiful time in wine country.

In an Indiana Jones meets Mother Teresa adventure three middle-aged men, former soldiers and modern-day knights travel the world delivering life saving humanitarian aid directly into the hands of civilians and doctors in some of the most dangerous yet beautiful places on Earth, the front lines of war.

"This year there are a handful of films that I want to cite simply because they embody, in one way or another, something of the spirit that gave birth to the Tribeca Film Festival... [Films] about people who know that what they do as individuals can make a difference in the world: Beyond the Call."
- Peter Scarlet, Executive Director, Tribeca Film Festival


Academy Award nominated, Winner Sundance Audience Award, Genghis Blues info:

Special presentation:
Genghis Blues, 3PM, Thursday, Sept. 14 at the Movie Experience, Tower Plaza

Beyond the Call
4PM, Friday, Sept. 15 at the Movie Experience, Tower Plaza
4PM, Sunday, Sept. 17, at the Movie Experience, Tower Plaza

BAY AREA screening of BEYOND THE CALL: Oakland International Film Festival.
Saturday, Sept. 22, 6pm at the Grand Lake Theater. I will be in attendance for the Q&A.

We would love to see you at a screening. Please pass this invitation on to your friends.

Thank you,
Adrian Belic

BEYOND THE CALL will also be playing at the following film festivals:

Temecula Valley Film Fest          September 13 - 17

Aloha Spirit Film Fest Hawaii          September 13 - 18

Oakland Film Festival               September 20 - 24

Aspen Film Festival                     September 26 - October 1

Homer (Alaska) Film Festival          September 29 - October 5

Taos Mountain Film Festival           October 6 -8           

Ojai (California) Film Festival          October 12 - 15     

Turks and Caicos (Carabean)          October 17 - 21       (GENGHIS BLUES screening)

Hot Springs (Arkinsas)               October 20 - 29     

UN Association Film Festival         
October 25 - 29     
St. Louis Film Festival               November 9 - 19

Anchorage Film Festival               December 1 - 10     

Jakarta (Indonesia) Film Fest          December 8 - 17     

I am planing to attend as many festival screenings as possible. I'm looking forward to seeing you and meeting your friends. Thank you.

We continue to hear back from film festivals every week. We are putting together our BEYOND THE CALL website We will be updating as well.

*In addition, we are putting together the independent theatrical release of BEYOND THE CALL in theaters across the US opening in late October. We are continuing to raise funds to transfer the movie to 35mm film. I am happy to speak with anyone about this.

Thank you for your continued support....!
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