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Oscar nominated filmmaker Adrian Belić showing his film Beyond the Call @ Jakarta International Film Festival
By Adrian Belić | Published  12/14/2006 | Events , Culture And Arts | Unrated
Welcome to the 8th Jakarta International Film Festival

Adrian Belić on a horse

L-R: Ed, Jim, Adrian, friend

Men looking at you

Children sitting on wheat

Meal time

Ed and Jim giving food in crowd.                                     Sitting woman in burka with grain


A film that may best be described as "The Adventures of Mother-Theresa-meets-Indiana-Jones", depicting the enterprising spirit of three aging Americans who form a humanitarian organization called Knightsbridge International. Rather than merely donating their money to other charitable organizations, the three men set out on an independent Robin Hood-like odyssey, visiting dangerous spots worldwide to lend their support to worthy causes. The result is a riveting documentary that takes the audience on a global adventure.

About Knightsbridge

Knightsbridge International, Inc., is a California 501(c), (3), Non-Membership, Not for Profit Corporation (state and federal tax exempt # 95- 4546892), dedicated to providing humanitarian assistance and disaster relief worldwide without regard to race, religion or national origin. Founded in August 1995 by several members of a self-styled US Priory of the Knights of Malta and OSMTH TEMPLAR Knights for the specific purpose of providing an independent vehicle through which focused international and domestic humanitarian assistance and medical relief programs could be organized.

Many of those associated with this separate N.G.O., (Non-Government Organization) have participated in numerous domestic and international relief efforts for more than twenty-five years prior to their association with Knightsbridge and as such bring with them a wealth of contacts, skill, knowledge, expertise and dynamic energy.

Please contact us if you have a project that you would like to have us consider, an interest in learning more about our past missions, or finding out how you can participate in any of our future missions. We are always looking for qualified volunteers, the donation of serviceable medical equipment, non expired lifesaving medicines, expendable single use medical supplies and of course that ever elusive corporate and individual financial support that enable us to continue to help others.

"By example, act and deed each of us can make a difference. We must&"

Mailing Address:
Knightsbridge International
Post Office Box 4394
West Hills, California 91308-4394

Direct Contact:
Edward A Artis, Ph.D.,K.M., KCTJ
Chairman and Cofounder
Knightsbridge International, Inc
(818) 372-6902 Telephone
(818) 716-9494 Facsimile
(561) 258-0753 EFax ( Receipt of faxes via the Internet ) ( Full Member )

Respectfully, I remain in service to humanity

Sir Edward A Artis, K.M., KCTJ

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