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(E) Your Letters
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/13/2002 | Letters to the Editors | Unrated
(E) Your Letters
Subj: Balkan Tinderbox 
 I am a frequent viewer of History channel and generaly recommend the 
 program to my friends and encourage my children to learn from it. I may 
 differ in some interpretations and opinions,but rarely had a cause to 
 write to you. What disturbed me was the above presentation.Filled with 
 inaccuracies to the point that I believe it is blatant disregard for 
 journalism and honesty in reporting.I am obviously not a Serb and may have 
 somewhat less objective view ,but if you cared to check your references 
 you will find a barrel of malicious propaganda. How could you let this 
 happen?! The list of "errors" is too long to go over,they are continuous. 
 So, I am not only distressed with this, but will be very reluctant in 
 future spend my time with "H", let alone recommend it. 
Dear Vjera, 
Thank you for your recent e-mail regarding programming on The History 
Channel. We take particular pride in our programming and were disappointed 
to learn that you were unhappy with the content of Balkan Tinderbox. 
All of our programming is the result of a very deliberate and defined 
process. Our research department is continuously studying what interests 
our viewers and our current programming is a direct result of their findings. 
While we shall take your comments into consideration, The History Channel 
is very proud of its reputation as a responsible programmer of historical 
documentaries, films and specials; as such, we stand by our decision to 
telecast this program. 
We appreciate your feedback on History Channel programming. 
Viewer Relations 
A&E Networks 
----------------------------- ---------- 
16 Feb 2002 
Subject: Olympics 
Dear Sir, 
Who ever decided where and when to put the commercials during the 
presentation of countries at the opening ceremonies of the Olympics ought 
to have his head examined! It was a monumental mistake, as NBC ought to 
realize that these countries, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Turkey and 
several others were badly slighted by such cavalier action. 
Every country participating in the Olympics has the right to be 
acknowledged. It should not be too difficult to show the commercials, 
both, before the start of the ceremony and afterward, but never in 
between the parade. Cutting out any country is inexcusable. I hope this 
is the last time we see such unfairness. 
Sincerely, but very annoyed, 
Hilda Maria Foley 
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