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(E) Dalmatian - Yugo Dog? NEEDS your letter
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  04/27/2002 | Letters to the Editors | Unrated
(E) Dalmatian - Yugo Dog? NEEDS your letter


"The Dalmatian (or spotted carriage dog)is a Yugoslavian breed of spotted dog half-hound and half-pointer. It wasformerly known as the Danish Spotted or Coach Dog. Dalmatians were firstintroduced to Englandduring the 18th century and used as coach dogs (protecting travelers fromhighwaymen) before becoming fashionable in England about 1820. Dalmatians are anenergetic breed, good house dogs and rarely barkunless in the presence of strangers."

Dalmatian Dog

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Thanks, Matt Probert

Dear Mr.Probert,

While I was searching the net for the Dalmatian dog, I found your beautifulProbert Encyclopedia.

Since I found a misinformation and I hope that you will appreciate my time towrite a letter to you, I would ask you to reconsider, changing the"Yugoslavian breed" into Croatian breed. To say the least, Yugoslavia existedonly 70 years. Dalmatian Dog outlived many countries and politicalsystems. Dalmatia happened to be part of Croatia. Croatians live there since the7th century. Here and there,  I call myself Dalmatian (my mother is), not that I do notbehave like a dog sometimes. Joke aside, we Croatians are very proud of our new countryand especially about our own history and identity, that even a dog reflects.Dalmatian dog is very popular in Croatia and it fits the character of who weare. 

Please take time to explore on your own, and if you do not have that time,we can help you find information about our dog. We are still learning the powerof promotion, otherwise, I wouldn't need to write such a letter in 21st century.I hope that our Croatian government will finally understand the value of truth.In the meantime, let's change what we can, when we can.


Nenad Bach

p.s. Travelers and Strangers were misspelled. I corrected it for this letter.When you change this information, I will advertise yourProbert Encyclopedia on our Croatian community boards.There are 3 million Croatians in US and cca 10 million all together.

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