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Rave Reviews for Croatian Actress
By Marko Puljię | Published  09/8/2006 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
Croatian Actress Wins Rave Reviews

Rave Reviews for Croatian Actress

ThreeWeeks - 12th August 2006
Macbeth - Frantic Redhead's Walking Play Frantic Redhead Productions

This show is fantastic! It's like going to the theatre and watching a really good performance of Macbeth...but far, far better because Frantic Redhead Productions not only has first grade actors (Simon Tait is entrancing as the guilt-ridden Macbeth), but the best set possible: the city of Edinburgh. The audience is led from scene to scene, from Greyfriars Kirkyard through thecloses along the Royal Mile, to the gruesome finale at St Patrick's RC Church. This whole sightseeing play is so good that that would be absurd to nitpick. The only thing that could spoil the play is the weather; but even if it rained I'm sure it would only enhance the atmosphere. C at Greyfriar's Kirkyard, dates vary, 6:00pm (8:00pm), £8.50 (£7.50), fpp 185.
tw rating 5/5 [kvo]

"I Miss Communism" also went really well. The venue was incredible, people were so helpful and treated me really well. Got more producers/promoters to see the show and booked more touring dates in the UK and Australia for 2007, so mission accomplished amazingly well.
This show just keeps going and growing and I hope I can go along for the ride as long as it goes.
Touring is very hard but so fun. I feel like a rock musician in a van sometimes.Packing, unpacking, travelling every few days to different cities, meeting new people all the time etc.
That's why it's also been so great being in Edinburgh for the whole month of August and having a home for that long. That's what I miss home.
So, I'm leaving to Ireland now for the whole month of Sept. If you have any friends in Ireland that would like to see the show below is the schedule of my dates.

Have a great month and tell me things too that are going on with you.
I'd love to catch up with all of you too since I haven't seen all of you in forever.
love and miss you and have a great Sept.

September 3 St Michaels Theatre
New Ross
County Wexford
Republic of Ireland 

September 7  Watergate Theatre
Republic of Ireland 

September 8  Droichead Arts Centre
Republic of Ireland

September 9  Draiocht Arts Centre
The Blanchardstown
Republic of Ireland 

Glor - Irish Music Centre
Causeway Link
Co. Clare
Republic of Ireland 

September 29  
An Grianan Theatre
Port Road
Co. Donegal
Republic of Ireland 

818 760 2411


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