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(E) Irish & Croatian History of support & Gotovina
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  01/20/2004 | History | Unrated
(E) Irish & Croatian History of support & Gotovina


Irish News of the World


Dear All,
I received this letter from Mr. Mulcahy of the Irish News, who has been
working to present to the Irish readership Croatia and especially Gen. Gotovina
in a fair and just light. If you have any ideas how we can help him to
bring his proposals to fruition, please let me (or him directly) know. I
suggested to him to allow his letter to be printed on the CROWN if Nenad
also agrees. The Homeland war should be honored instead of being dragged
in the mud as it has been in recent times. Please let me know what you
think. Thanks!

From: < >
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004
Subject: Re: Irish News of the World>

Dear Hilda, I have good news. With the recent media reports concerning
General Gotovina & Ireland, the Irish media have (at long last!) begun
to pick up on the story, but more to the point - they are getting
friendlier and friendlier to Gen.'s case.

The Irish News of the world (Sun 18/1/04) printed a large double spread
calling Cascarino a hero, made clear that Gen Ante contested the
allegations, and was generally sympathetic for our cause.

Hilda, I've been inundated with mails particularly in the past few months
by people asking if, due to its popularity, 'A Millennium Memory' will
be translated into Croatian.

The manuscript is a non-profit dedication to the sanctity of the Homeland
War and highlights Gen Ante's case. Although we here have the 'time'
to campaign/publicize; we unfortunately do not have the finances for
such an appropriate task.

We are planning to intensify the campaign with art/music/poetry etc.,
but are convinced that A Millennium Memory must be in Croatian.

I'd appreciate your thoughts on this and whether you have any
suggestions/contacts for volunteers/sponsors to assist in its translation.

Many thanks Hilda,

Brian Mulcahy.

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