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(E) A fun project to promote Croatia
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  02/27/2002 | Entertainment | Unrated
(E) A fun project to promote Croatia
I visit a website called the International Movie DATABASE on a regular basis 
and which is located at If I see an actor on TV or the movies 
I can pull up information on what films and shows they have worked, maybe 
read their bio see pictures, etc. This website gets a couple MILLION visits 
a month. 
What if we began a project to find all actors and actresses of Croatian 
origin, and submit to the database people an e-mail saying that person is of 
Croatian heritage. What if we could go further and provide biographical 
information. We could read the submission details for photos, and submit 
some thus filling out the database. 
Case in point: 
Tiger Joe Marsh (Joe Marusic) was a wrestler, actor and the original model 
for Mr. Clean. On the International Movie Database it lists his name, place 
and date of birth and place and date of death, and no mention of him being 
Croatian:,+Tiger+Joe Vladimir Novak published 
an article about him in Matica. We have it on our website: What if we could get Mr. 
Novak to forward his article to the editors of the website, so his biography 
is online. 
The same goes for John Northpole:,+John I 
think Vladimir Novak wrote something about him in Matica too... 
On a positive note, there's also someone we know in the movie database:,+Nenad It does mention his Croatian homeland :) 
Finally, look at some of our neighbors:,+Karl,+Lolita,+Peter 
The point is, we can promote Croatia anytime, provided we keep our eyes open 
for the right opportunity. It does not and would not take a lot of effort to 
send e-mails, in this case saying an actor/actress is of Croatian heritage. 
Even those few words can help a lot! 
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