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(E) Klapa Sinj & FA Lindjo on 200 Radio Stations Millenium of Music
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  10/19/2005 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Klapa Sinj & FA Lindjo on 200 Radio Stations Millenium of Music


Millennium of Music 

'Croatia's Mystic Sounds--One of our most popular series ever is when we featured Croatian music. Producer Nenad Bach has recorded two programs of folk and other haunting music from the tradition called 'klapa' which are now generally available on disc, and we'll sample them this week.'

Below, you will find Radio and webcasting times (based on Eastern Standard Time---NOT station local time) as listed by the following website:
The homepage for this website is They are independently owned and not affiliated with any radio station.  I advise listeners to double-check the program time by going to the website of the station whose webfeed they wish to listen to.  They should look at their schedule to confirm that the station has not moved Millennium of Music to a different time.  Sometimes stations change these things without notifying us and we only find out about it when we do our quarterly update of carriage lists.
Instructions on interpreting the carriage list:
If the program uplinks on October 17th, a Monday, the carriage list will indicate what day in the week the program will air following the uplink of the program on Monday.  For example, if the carriage list says Sunday@5am, the program is scheduled to air air on the Sunday following uplink:  October 23rd.  If it says that it airs on Thursdays@4pm, that means the program is scheduled to air on the Thursday following uplink: October 20th.
The stars next to certain stations on the carriage list were used at one time to indicate stations that webcast the program in their live station webfeed.  With stations all over the country changing technology very quickly, it is possible that some of the stations without stars now ALSO webcast the program.  Stations do not announce to us when they begin/stop webcasting or keep us apprised of their webcasting plans.
I hope that helps and that you receive many listeners to this broadcast.

Millennium of Music

You can hear Millennium of Music at various times of the day and week by listening to streaming audio from a radio station that broadcasts this program. In the table, follow a link in the 'Broadcast service' column to connect to an audio stream from that broadcast service.

Table of programs

Day and Time (New York)

Broadcast service


Sunday - Oct 23 12:01am KSUI-FM RA
Sunday - Oct 23 6:00am Radio Kansas WM
Sunday - Oct 23 9:00am KXMS-FM RA
Sunday - Oct 23 10:00am KSJE-FM WM
Sunday - Oct 23 11:00am KBPS-FM RA
Sunday - Oct 23 7:00pm WXXI-FM QT
Sunday - Oct 23 10:00pm WMNR-FM RA WM MP3
Wednesday Oct 19 10:00pm WNED-FM WM
Thursday Oct 20 3:00pm KRVS-FM MP3
Friday - Oct 21 9:00pm KWAX-FM RA MP3
Friday - Oct 21 9:00pm WSLU-FM MP3

KBRW, Barrow Sunday @ 12PM

KASU, Jonesboro Sunday @ 5AM

KNYR, Yreka* Sunday @ 9AM

WMNR, Monroe* Sunday @ 9PM
WGRS, Guilford*
WRXC, Shelton*
WGSK, South Kent*
•New Haven
•New London
•Old Saybrook
•West Hartford
•Sag Harbor, NY
•Southampton, NY
•Mt. Kisco, NY

WFSQ, Tallahassee* Sunday @ 4PM
•North Tallahassee
•Thomasville, GA

KHPR, Honolulu Saturday @ 10PM
KKUA, Waluka
KANO, Hilo
•Big Island
•Schoefield Barracks

WVIK, Rock Island* Sunday @ 5AM
•Dubuque, IA
WEIU, Charleston Sunday @ 5AM

WPUM, Rensallear Sunday @ 4-7 PM (Airs selected programs only)*

KSUI, Iowa City* Saturday @ 11PM

KHCC, Wichita Sunday @ 5AM
KHCD, Salina
KHCT, Great Bend

KRVS, LaFayette Thursday @ 2 PM

WETH, Hagerstown* Sunday @ 10PM

WIAA, Interlochen* Sunday @ 7PM
WIZY, East Jordan*

KXMS, Joplin* Sunday @ 8AM
KXCV, Maryville* Wednesday @ 7PM
KRNW, Chillicothe*

KTNE, Alliance Sunday @ 6AM
KMNE, Bassett*
KCNE, Chadron
KHNE, Hastings
KLNE, Lexington
KUCV, Lincoln
KRNE, Merriman
KXNE, Norfolk
KPNE, North Platte
•Fall City
•Grant Island

KSJE, Farmington* Sunday @ 8AM

WXLH, Blue Mountain Lake* Friday @ 9PM
WSLU, Canton*
WSLO, Malone*
WXLG, North Creek*
WXLU, Peru*
WSLL, Saranac Lake*
WSLJ, Watertown*
•Lake Placid
•Long Lake
•Tupper Lake
•Alexandria Bay
•Old Forge
•Lysons Falls
•Paul Smiths
WNED, Buffalo* Wednesday @ 10PM
WNJA, Jamestown
WXXI, Rochester Sunday @ 7PM
WJSL, Houghton

WCLV, Cleveland* Sunday @ 11PM
WBKC, Painesville Sunday @ 11PM
WDPR, Dayton *
WDPG, Greenville*

KWAX, Eugene* Friday @ 6PM
KWVZ, Florence
KWRX, Redmond
•Sun River
KSOR, Ashland * Sunday @ 9AM
KSRG, Ashland
KSRS, Roseburg*
KOOZ, Myrtle Point/Coos Bay*
KNHT, Rio Dell – Eureka*
KNYR, Yreka
KLMF, Klamath Falls*
•Beaver Marsh
•Big Bend
•Camas Valley
•Crescent City
•Coos Bay
•Happy Camp
•Fort Jones
•Grants Pass
•Gold Beach
•Klamath Falls
•La Pine
•Mt. Shasta
•Port Orford
KBPS, Portland* Sunday @ 8AM
KQHR, Ft. Hood*
KMUN, Astoria Mondays@5AM
KTCB, Cannon Beach
•South Astoria

WMCE, Erie* Wednesday @ 11AM

WIPR-AM, San Juan Saturday @ 11AM
WIPR-FM, San Juan

WBJU, Greenville

KEDT, Corpus Christi Sunday @ 9AM
KVRT, Victoria
KMBH, Harlingen Sunday @ 11AM
KHID, McAllen

WMRY, Charlottesville Sunday @ 6AM
WMRA, Harrisonburg
WMRL, Lexington
WMLU, Farmville
WEMC, Harrisonburg Sunday @ 4PM
WODU, Norfolk*

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