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(E) Klapa Sinj & Nenad Bach USA Tour - few words of thanks - part 1
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  12/24/2005 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Klapa Sinj & Nenad Bach USA Tour - few words of thanks - part 1


Klapa Sinj & Nenad Bach USA Tour in a few words - part 1

Dear all,

Thank you for all your letters of kindness, compliments and emotional responses to The Tour. As far as I can tell from few reactions, this will be discussed for decades to come. This was the first tour that one Klapa took. Three concert halls in New York, Washington DC and Chicago. Three full houses and three ovations. Launch of a new World Music. Klapa Sound. Tours are exhausting and demanding, but Klapa Sinj as well as the crew that helped us along stayed together without one single incident all in harmony and joy. Looking at the photos (close to 5000), I am enjoying the moments that I couldn't at the time. On Wednesday November 30th Klapa Sinj arrived at the Newark Airport, via Air France from Paris.... I will continue this story later, but as of now, i want to thank everyone who supported us. All my Fans, friends in music, friends of Croatia and Klapa singing. To mention just few, I would like to thank Agrokor, Jana Water crew ( ), Wold Music Institute, The Kennedy Center, Chicago Cultural Center, Ambassador of Croatia in the USA, Neven Jurica, the whole staff at the Croatian Embassy including Ms. Stetic, Mr. well as Croatian Counsel General of New York, Petar Ljubicic and the staff at the Consulate in New York, Counsel General of Chicago Zorica Matkovic, Anthony Peraica (County Clerk Commisioner running for the Cook County presidency in 2006 -, Croatian Churches in New York, especially father Ivica Majstorovic and father Robert Zubovic, Jerko Petric. Father Damir Stojic from Washington DC, the whole staff of Croatian Defense Attache in USA and especialy their wifes , Danica Ramljak, Anne Pavlich, Father Jozo Grbes, Marina Zadro, Ana and Darko Petercic, especially Ivica Grgic and his webpage for the continuous
support, Danny Bakovic - Bon Vino restaurant, Mario Romanovic, Kruno and Diane Brkusic, Mario Novak, Zvonko Vidusin - Z, Zoran Orlic -, Victor Zimet, Stephanie Silber -, Jasna Culic Viskota, Doors-Art Foundation and the last but not the least Rulli family starting with Dino Rulli our tour manager... Stephenie, Bob, Mary, Gary, Marcus, Eric, Dina, Robert, Sonya, Vicki & Tom & little Dina, and many many more...

I thank you form from the top of my hat and from the bottom of my heart. I had one of the best of times in my life.

And 'Time is all we have'.

Nenad Bach,

New York. Christmas Eve. December 24, 2005

p.s. I started CROWN for Internet WebPages on Christmas Eve 2001. (Emailing since 1999). Thank you for you support and love you send back to me. Number of readers are increasing every year substantially.



Thanks to Ivica Grgic ( ), this is a sneak preview of the concert in Chicago. One simple camera. No fancy stuff.

Click here directly to Ivica's page  or here to CROWN. This is the middle part with the band. The whole unedited concert: clickhere





3. The whole concert


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