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(E) Klapa Sinj and Nenad Bach USA Tour 2005 in pictures
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  12/22/2005 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Klapa Sinj and Nenad Bach USA Tour 2005 in pictures


Klapa Sinj and Nenad Bach USA Tour 2005 in pictures


Preston Bradley Hall, Chicago December 7th 2005



Full house, standing ovations



'Time Is All We Have, Love Is All We Need'



'Daughter's Eyes'


Rehearsing before the show in Chicago's dressing room.



Society for Ethical Culture, New York City December 2nd 2005



Full house, standing ovations






Tour Bus



Emcee: Jasna Culic Viskota



Brooklyn Bridge



More city than sex, Broadway, Manhattan (New York City)



Jana Water, our official sponsor




Leaving for Woodstock, after the first concert in New York City



AllAire Studios, New York, you have to see it to believe it.



Recording session, December 3rd, 2005. Klapa parts for 'Everything Is Forever' album







Victor Zimet, filming for his documentary feature

(Jana Water in the background, always with us...left few cases for David Bowie)



Ivan Klapez and Ivo bach, always on a computer



John Holbrook & Nenad Bach, decades of friendship and artistry.




Not always serious. Nenad Bach, Kruno Brkusic, Danny Bakovic. Danny and Kruno prepared two dinners for all of us. In Chicago Dec 5th and 6th, 2005. Last supper on Dec 7th was at Ana and Darko Petercic's home.


Cook County Session opened by Klapa Sinj as a guests of Tony Peraica,

running for the president of the Cook County in 2006



Another standing ovations.



Tony Peraica, Zorica Matkovic, consul general in Chicago, always ready to help.



The Kennedy Center, Washington DC December 4th 2005

Mojimir Cacija, Klapa Sinj's leader at The Kennedy Center



and a new friendship. Author of Lipo Ime and 'Vo je nasa zemja



Short rehearsal at The Kennedy Center.


Across the building at the same time, Robert Redford, Tina Turner, President of the US,

Willie Nelson etc had a Kennedy Awards ceremonies, just 30 yards away. December 4th 2005.


Mojimir, Mario and Boris from the back


Ivica and Ante


Quick rehearsal before they let the audience in. Few friends and the staff from the Embassy, watching us.


Full house and standing ovations again. They didn't let us take photos during the concert.


Mojimir Cacija with Fender Stratocaster



Stipe, Ivan, Mario



before the concert



All these photos from The Kennedy Center courtesy of


Victor Zimet was with us on every step we made.


piano was in tune


guitar needed some work


few Interviews.


Limelight, always seems to be more gratifying, after the concert, when you look at these photos.


Few stolen photos from the concert at The Kennedy Center


End of 'Gospe Sinjska , Snjezna Majko', song


The Kennedy Center. Beginning of the standing ovations. Full House again.



Moving constantly

Dino Rulli, a friend and a Tour Manager in a red sweater.



Capitol Hill, Washington DC December 4th, before the show.






Back of the White House, Washington DC December 4th, 2005


Waking from the White House



Croatian Church, Washington DC December 4th 2005



Waiting to sing again at the Mass.


Croatian Embassy, Washington DC December 4th 2005




Mojimir Cacija, Ambassador Neven Jurica, Nenad Bach



Short Interviews


photos by: Zoran Orlic,  Victoria Rulli, Tom Heaphey,, Mario Novak,, additional photos, by Luko Simlesa for Croatian Chronicle, Daniela Urem, Dino Rulli and Ivo Bach


My gratitude to all of you who took photos. There are over 5 thousand photos taken on a tour and 30 hours of video tape.

Any volunteers to view all of this? Just joking.


Textual part in the other CROWN newsletter.


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  • Comment #1 (Posted by Connor Vlakancic)

    NOW we must do this in California!

    Klapa Sinj, California 23 to 31 December 2007 Tour (pending Croatian community support)

    Los Angeles, CA - Walt Disney Concert Hall (new home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic)

    San Francisco, CA - , Davies Symphony Hall (home of the San Francisco Symphony)

    31 December - First Night Monterey New Years Eve Celebration
    Monterey, CA – International Sister City of Dubrovnik, HR (during Sv. Vlahov February 2007)

    Connor Vlakancic –
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