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Monaco Police testing Croatian Bikes | Greyp Bikes breakthrough to institutional markets worldwide!
By Nenad N. Bach and Darko Žubrinić | Published  02/16/2016 | Ideas , Companies , Business | Unrated
Greyp Bikes co in Croatia has recently gained attention from around the world

Mate Rimac: This is the most advanced electric bike on the planet at the moment.

Croatian Greyp bikes tested in Monaco

Greyp Bikes breakthrough to institutional markets worldwide!

Greyp Bikes is a sister company of the better known Rimac Automobili in Croatia. With its electric bicycle G12S the company Greyp Bikes has recently gained attention from a significant number of institutional buyers from around the world. 

Even though this bespoke product has gained much attention in the B2C market which has been the sole focus for the Greyp Bikes - with its unique design and uncompromising performance the G12S has managed to stir interest with more demanding users such as the police and security forces. Among several interested parties coming from various continents, Police Department of Monaco stands out as the institution which has for some time been extensively testing the everyday usage of Greyp Bikes.

Other than the fact that Greyp Bikes meet specific expectations such as difficult conditions of usage, an essential precondition for the establishment of a business cooperation emphasised by the Monaco Police Department is also found is the readiness of this Croatian company to promptly and professionally respond to specific demands such as: increase in the already wide range of bicycles or install additional equipment (signal lights, racks…).

As the several months of test runs are going by flawlessly and in accordance with expectations, Greyp Bikes point out that this gives them the right to expect in due time the completion of this business collaboration.

Dressed Greyp bicycle

Naked Greyp bicycle

Greyp Bikes specifications


The Greyp G12S is a 2nd generation of our first electric bicycle - the Greyp G12. The G12 was designed from the ground up to combine the best of both worlds – motorcycles and bicycles.

Its successor, the Greyp G12S takes the whole experience even further. Our electronics and hardware wizards have spent countless hours developing a unique user experience, so far unseen in the e-bike industry.

Fingerprint activated

You don’t need to worry about keys ever again. The biometric sensor ensures that you are the only one to unlock the bike with a mere finger scan. Your thumb can lead you the Street Mode, while your middle-finger will activate the Power-mode.

Riding modes

Most EU countries consider two-wheeled electric vehicles as motorcycles if they can reach a speed in excess of 25 km/h and have more than 250 W of power. The G12S has a special mode to comply with the regulations for road vehicles – which limits the speed and power. Still, the top-speed is just a tap away on the touch-screen when you need it.

Be informed

The Greyp G12S user interface provides information on speed, consumption, ideal and calculated range, temperatures and much more. Sophisticated electronics collect processes and display a large variety of data to the rider, which helps you plan your rides more efficiently and keeps you up to date with all of the bike’s parameters.

No need to pedal

You can pedal if you want, assist the motor or ride the G12S like a motorcycle. It will reach 70 km/h without any assistance from the rider. You can forget about sweating ever again while riding up a hill!


The Greyp G12S can reach up to 120 km of range with a single charge.  Sophisticated algorithms predict the remaining range based on your riding style and by that, make it possible for you to predict when to slow down in order to preserve energy and substantially to reach your destination.

Regenerative braking

You will almost never need to use the mechanical brakes. The motor can recharge the battery with up to 2 kW of power while braking which for most of the time is more than enough.

Nevertheless we didn’t compromise on the breaks either– one of the best hydraulic disc brakes on the market today provide for more than enough stopping-power even for the most demanding situations.

Battery charge

The G12S can be re-charged from 0 to 100 percent in only 80 minutes – from a standard 110V/220V outlet. A full charge consumes just about 1, 5 kWh of energy which cost around 30 euro-cent in Europe (according to average electric energy cost in the EU).



Speed-mode power: 12 kW

Street-mode power: 250 W

Speed-mode top-speed: 70 km/h

Street-mode top-speed: 25 km/h

Range: up to 120 km

Battery capacity: 1,5 kWh

Weight: 48,5 kg

Recharge time: 80 min

Regen braking power: 2 kW

Battery pack

Capacity: 1, 5 kWh

Chemistry: Lithium-Ion

Nominal voltage: 84V

Integrated Rimac Automobili BMS

Cell-voltage monitoring (refresh – every 10 ms)

Cell-temperature monitoring


State-of-Charge calculation

Low-voltage protection

High-voltage protection

Temperature protection

SoC protection

Low power consumption in sleep mode


Seamless 25CrMo4 steel tubes and sheet metal

Tig welded in jig

Dual mount bottom bracket

Cr-Mo sheet metal swingarm

Extra-long head tube

Carbon-fiber body panels

Frame size: 19” (XL)


Motor: custom direct drive BLDC with Neodymium magnets

Gears: Bottom bracket 2 speed ATS drive (planetary gears)

Crank: Custom crank

Pedals: Custom pedals

Front suspension

RockshoxBoxxer RC

Damping: 3-system

Travel:    200mm

Wheels: 26"

Weight: 26” - 2882g

Damping: Motion Control IS

Springs: Coil

Adjustments: External beginning stroke rebound, low speed compression

Steerer: Aluminum 1-1/8"

Crown: Forged, 6061 T-6 aluminum, direct mount stem compatible

Upper tubes: 35mm, Tapered Wall Aluminum, Fast Black

Lowers: Magnesium, 20x110mm Maxle Lite DH

Maximum rotor size: 210mm

Rear suspension

Rockshox Vivid R2C

Weight: 468g

Damping: External beginning stroke rebound, ending stroke rebound, low-speed compression

Configuration: 222x70

Spring:    Steel coil

Spring adjust: Preload


Custom made dual wall 47mm aluminum rim

Custom made 12G (2,7mm) spokes


Display: 4, 3” full-color display

Tires: Maxxis Hookworm 2,5x26“

Saddle: SR Lookin

Seat post: Custom

Handlebar: Custom

Stem: Custom made CNC machined with integrated finger scanner and display

Headset: Semi-integrated headset

Brakeset: Shimano Saint




Inventions and bicycles are not foreign to this part of the world.
For example,  a very young inventor Marcel Kiepach (1894-1915) from Croatian town of Križevci
invented the well known dynamo for bicycles.

Marcel pl. Kiepach (1894-1915) was probably the youngest inventor that Croatia ever had. He patented his first inventions in several European countries already at the age of 16, mostly in the field of electrical engineering. His inventions have been patented in France, Germany, England, Switzeralnd and in the USA.

Photo from

His first invention (maritime gyrocompass, which shows the North irresepctive of surrounding metal objects or the influence of magnetic forces) was patented in 1916 in Berlin (Kaiseriches Patentamt) under No 246656, owner Marcel von Kiepach in Križevci, Kroatien.

Dynamo for bicycles has been invented by Marcel Kiepach
in the town of Križevci, Croatia.

Formated for CROWN by Darko Žubrinić
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