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Sudar Percussion & Matej Mestrovic winners of the 14th IMA award in long form video category
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  07/20/2015 | Music | Unrated
Castel Crash also won the prise in the Promo Poster Design Category

Sudar Percussion & Matej Meštrović. Matej is in red jacket.

Summary. The winning video Castle Crash from Croatia has won two awards at the 14th Independent Music Awards (IMA): in the Long Form Video Cateogry, as well as in the Promo Poster Design Category. Sudar Percussion and distingusihed Croatian contemporary pianist and composer Matej Meštrović have created very original and nice music. Now in its 15th year, The Independent Music Awards receives submissions from artists previously on major labels as well as self-released and indie label talent from more than 94 countries on six continents.

The winning video was filmed in the village of Sv. Križ Začretje, North of Croatia's capital Zagreb, in a local castle dating from the 17th century. Since 2002, the proprietors of the castle are Janko Mršić and Mirna Floegl Mršić. Having renovated the interior, they organize nice concerts and other cultural events.

Matej Meštrović, one of the most influential current composers of classical music created a virtually unknown musical style with Sudar Percussion ensemble consisted of some of the best percussionists in Croatia. Percussions are slowly gaining more prominent space in the performances of all genres of music, and Sudar Percussion handle them as cutlery. That fact inspired the composer Matej Meštrovic to create pieces of music that are unique and unheard of, as far as musical styles go.

Sudar Percussion has been active since 2010. Its members are five young percussionists from the town of Samobor near Croatia's Capital Zagreb: Nikolas Sinković, Luka Pešutić, Josip Blašković, Filip Merčep, and prof. Goran Gorše, the ensemble’s art director, also working as a professor of music (percussion) at Music School ‘Ferdo Livadić’ in Samobor. All members have already achieved recognition and success both in Croatia and worldwide.

SUDAR has been a residential ensemble of ‘Ivana Bilić Marimba Week’, and is proud of its co-operation with some of the world’s most prominent names in percussion music: Emanuel Sejourne, Pius Cheng, Dane Richeson, Ney Rosauro, Svet Stoyanov, Rachel Xi Zang, Nancy Zeltsman, Paolo Cimmino, Tatjana Koleva, Maraca 2, Eric Sammut, Bogdan Bacanu and Ivana Bilić.



More than 300 nominated projects from Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Canada, Colombia, England, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, India, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Mali, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Tibet and United States are still in the running for the coveted Vox Pop Awards, the fan-determined portion of The IMAs. Artist bios, music and images for all winning and nominated Albums, EPs, Songs, Design and Music Videos available online.

Now in its 15th year, The Independent Music Awards receives submissions from artists previously on major labels as well as self-released and indie label talent from more than 94 countries on six continents. Produced by Music Resource Group, publisher of the popular industry contact database The Musician’s Atlas, The IMA program uses its unrivaled access to performance, promotion and distribution outlets to connect thousands of innovative musicians, labels, producers & visual artists to new distribution opportunities and millions of fans.

“From traditional to avant garde and every music genre in between, The IMAs celebrate the exceptional work of music makers and visual artists who dare to follow their passion to create something extraordinary, including passionate fans,” said Martin Folkman, Executive Director of The IMAs. Submissions for the 15th Independent Music Awards will open in Fall, 2015.


Discover Artists That Joined The 14th IMAs: Sudar Percussion Ensemble

Band Name: Sudar Percussion Ensemble

Home Base: Samobor, Croatia

Genres: Instrumental, Eastern, Classical, Percussion

Categories Entered: Song Instrumental, Album Instrumental, Music Producer, Music Video Short Form, Music Promo Poster, Design Album Packging, Swag, Music Video Long Form

Title of Work Submitted: Eat Suite

Label: Karpo Media

Producer: Branimir Mihaljevic

What’s the story behind your band name?: It means “car crash” in Croatian language and it was one not! Dangerous but funny situation that made our band name.

Describe your sound: Our sound is very percussive and different from others because we use only percussion instruments (vibraphone, marimba, xylophone, drums, piano) and many other small instruments full of colors. Compositions are full of energy and complex rhythms.

Who’s sitting in your audience?: All age audience, from kids to older people.

What’s your favorite press quote about your music?: Eat Suite is rock’n’roll with balls of steel! It’s a fusion of all existing musical genres, united in an incredibly tasty whole!

The song or songs that changed your life and why: There are many!

Describe the first time you walked onstage: We were young and it was funny and terifying.

Why did you submit to this year’s Independent Music Awards?: We submitted to show the world our work!!

If you win and/or get nominated, how will you use your IMA honor to further your career?: We will post on our web site and in press interviews that we got such a prize!

Who is your musical hero & what would you like to learn from them?: We have many heroes. From classical music like Mozart and Bach, then legendary bands like Queen, etc., but our music is unique and these are just musical heroes that inspired us to be unique.

Where can fans follow you/purchase your music?: on our web site , by our facebook page Sudar percussion, on cd baby, amazon and local cd shops in Croatia

Producer Name: Branimir Mihaljevic

Producer Home Base: Zagreb, Croatia

Engineer: Filip Vidovic

How long have you been a producer? What experience did you bring to this project? For a long time. We recorded the album live in one old Croatian castle and we got a completely custom sound. The album was mastered in Abbey Road Studios.

Describe any unusual instruments or techniques used?: All instruments are percussion instruments like marimba, vibraphone, glockenspiel, xylophone, piano, tubular bells and other small percussive instruments. We put the mics all over the castle in rooms and halls and we got a custom sound that can’t be copy with custom reverbs.

What if any musical instruments do you play?: I play piano.

Name producers whose work has influenced your approach: There are many!

What is the song or album that changed your life?: There are many!

Why did you submit this project to the Independent Music Awards?: We submitted it together with the band to put this music in the world.

If you win and/or receive a nomination, how will you use the recognition to advance your career?: I will use it as my reference and also I press interviews.

Name of the music video song/project: Crash in the caste (long form) and “Barbecue” (short form)

Video URLs: Short form:

How did you become involved in this project. Did the band or label reach out to you?: We met spontaneously. They wanted a video after recording their album in the castle, but the story became so interesting that we decided to do a documentary. The energy was really amazing. We recorded in 4 days and now we have a really beautiful and succesful movie.

How long did the project take from start to finish?: It was really quick: 2 months.

What tricks do you have to keep costs under control?: Well, the whole project was enthusiastic and collaborative, so nobody really took charge. Production was also budgeted but the final result is great.

How does a video support the success of a band or release?: Well, the band sometimes perform their concert with the movie at the beginning. After 30 minutes of the movie they play the concert. It is an amazing concept. Also tho movie is really succesfull at movie festivals.

Why did you choose to enter this work in The Independent Music Awards?: We did it together with the band because the project is great and the world must see it.


Sudar Percussion & Matej Meštrović
with Samobor kremšnite (Samobor custard cream cake).

Christmas concert in Zagreb

Sudar U Dvorcu - official trailer (Matej Meštrović & Sudar percussion)

Matej Meštrović, Croatian pianist and composer

Matej Meštrović - Desert 15. Mr Meštrović collaborates with Stipe Božić, distinguished Croatian alpinist and film-maker.

Zvuci Velebita 2 / Sounds of the Velebit mountain 2

Zvuci Velebita 1 / Sounds of the Velebit mountain 1

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