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Croatian Coats of Arms in the 19th century
By Darko Žubrinić | Published  03/4/2013 | Education , Culture And Arts | Unrated
Croatian Coats of Arms are attracitve decorations for official documents, postcards, books, fans, dishes, playing cards, monuments, houses,... Part 2

Postcard with Croatian Coat of Arms from the 19th century.


The First Fair of The United Kingdom of Dalmatia, Croatia and Slavonia, held in Zagreb in 1864.
Source: Ekonomski fakultet u Zagrebu 1920-1995, Zagreb 1995, p 18.

Croatian Coat of Arms is in the center of the above photo,
with Slavonian Coat of Arms (marten or kuna) on the left, and Dalmatian Coat of Arms (three leopards) on the right.


A seal of an exhibition in 1864 in Zagreb


Donors of the Croatian Music Hall (Hrvatski glazbeni zavod, Gunduliceva 6, Zagreb), 1871,
inscribed in the golden book; a part of exhibition at HGZ


Sbirka razlicitih hervatskih narodnih napjevah za porabu narodnoga glasbenoga zavoda u Zagrebu
(A collection of various Croatian folk songs for the needs of Croatian Music Hall, Gunduliceva 6, Zagreb),
kept in the Library of the Music Department of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts,
probably from 1862 (photo - a part of exhibition at HGZ)


August Senoa, Croatian writer: Vienac domaceg piesnictva, (a detail from the title page), Zagreb, 1873


A detail from the announcement of the opera Nikola Subic Zrinski by Ivan Zajc, 1876.
The most popular air of the opera is U Boj, known also in Japan since 1919!


Croatian Coat of Arms above the main entrance of the Turopolje Museum, Velika Gorica, near Zagreb.
This is the coat of arms of Plemenita turopoljska općina - Noble Turopolje District.

Coat of Arms of Hungary, Dalmatia, Croatia, Slavonia, Transylvania, 1880, Budapest


Hrvatska vila - Croatian Fairy 1884

A plate with Croatian Coat of Arms, Obrtnicka skola (Crafts School), Zagreb 1887, kept in the Museum of Arts and Crafts, Zagreb

Education (Croatia) with the Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia, 
kept in the Croatian School Museum (Hrvatski školski muzej), Kazališni trg in Zagreb.
Carved in 1889 by Dragutin Morak.


Coat of arms of the Kastel captains; Kastel is a town from Istria, near the river Dragonja
(photo from Just Ivetac: Korijeni istarskih gradova, J. Turcinovic d.o.o., Pazin 2002., p. 64)


Social Dance, Croatian B. Zvonimir tamburitzans (USA), 19th century,
see Croatian flag with coat of arms on the left, and American on the right.
Source: Croatian American Web, USA,


Croatian coat of arms in Antofagasta (!), Chile, 1892
from the cover page of Ljubomir Antic: Hrvati u Juznoj Americi (Croats in South America)
Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom of Croatia, Dalmatia and Slavonia


Vjekoslav Klaic (a famous Croatian historian): Hrvatska Pjesmarica (Croatian Songbook),
Matica hrvatska, Zagreb 1893.


Croatian Coat of Arms from 1890s in Greek Catholich Cathedral of Holy Trinity in Krizevci

Iconostas in the Greek Catholic Cathedral of Holy Trinity in Krizevci, an old Croatian town founded in 12th century, about 100 km from Zagreb. The above Croatian Coat of Arms is placed on the left of iconostas. The iconostasis and the pictures on the walls are works of famous Croatian painters including Ivan Tisov (he also made pictures in the Greek Catholic Church in Zagreb), Celestin Medovic and Bela Cikos-Sesija.


Croatian coat of arms above the main entrance of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb, 1895
(Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom of Croatia, Dalmatia and Slavonia)


A detail from the ceremonial curtain of the Croatian National Theatre, Zagreb, by Vlaho Bukovac, 1895

Pope Benedict XVI in Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb on 4 June 2011.
Note the Croatian Coat of Arms behind him, on the solemn curtain of the theatre, designed by Vlaho Bukovac in 1895.

Central part of the ceiling of Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb, 1895

A detail under the right-hand side loge in the main hall of the Croatian National Theatre, 1895

Croatian historian Radoslav Lopasic, city of Karlovac (Zorin dom park), carved by Ivan Rendic, 1896


Croatian coats of arms, 19th century, in the Greek Catholic church of St. Peter and Paul in Sosice, Zumberak
(the Roman Catholic church on the left is just by the Greek Catholic church)


FIDES VINCIT - Zagreb, Vlaska 70E, 19th century


A detail from the stone monument on the grave of Ante Starcevic (1823-1896), Sestine - Zagreb,
by Croatian sculptor Ivan Rendic (1849-1932)

Croatian Fraternal Union, 1894; source Northwest Croatians

  Croatian Fraternal Union, USA, 1894


The building of the Fifth Gymnasium in Zagreb (Klaićeva 1) exists since 1895.

Ekonomic School in Zagreb, 1895, Klaićeva street, photo from the Vth Gymansium

Coat of Arms of the town of Bakar, 19th century; photo from [Ostric]

Seal of the City Hall of the Free Royal City of Bakar, 1897; photo from [Ostric]


1898 Charter from the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb conferring honorary membership to Milka Trnina,
a famous Croatian opera singer (source [Premerl, p 86]),
with the Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom of Croatia, Dalmatia and Slavonia


Folder containing poems dedicated to Milka Trnina, Zagreb, 1898 (source [Premerl, p 87])


Croatian Benefactor's Society, Punta Arenas - Magellanes, Chile, 1900
Hrvatsko Dobrotvorno Društvo, Utemeljno dne 13 prosinca 1900
photo from [Glasinovic, p 70]


Two Croatian Coats of Arms (the second one with inscription FIDELITAS along the diagonal), probably from the end of 19th or beginning of 20th centuriey. Many thanks to Mr Ivan Filipcic, Zagreb, for the photos. 

Petrinjska street 8, Zagreb

Amruševa street 2, Zagreb

Zagreb, Coat of Arms of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatio, below them the Coat of Arms of the City of Zagreb;
Mesnička street in Zagreb

A detail of a postcard containing Croatian Coat of Arms

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