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 »  Home  »  Education  »  Josip Pecaric Croatian mathematician wrote a preface to a monograph by Wan-Lan Wang published in China 2011
Josip Pecaric Croatian mathematician wrote a preface to a monograph by Wan-Lan Wang published in China 2011
By Darko Žubrinić | Published  02/26/2013 | Science , Education | Unrated
An interview with Professor Josip Pečarić published in Chinese journal Mathematica

Left to right: Carmen Verlichak, Buenos Aires, Darko Žubrinić with a monograph Approaches to Proving Inequalities,
Mrs. Ankica and Academician Josip Pečarić, gathered on the occasion of the receipt of the Fran Bošnjaković Prize by Professor Ana Marija Grancarić.

Professor Ana Marija Grancarić with three members of Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in the MIMARA Museum in Zagreb:
Nikola Kallay (chemistry), Andrej Dujella (mathematics), and Josip Pečarić (mathematics)

Professor Wan-Lan Wang, Chengdu University, Chengdu, China, published a monograph Approaches to Prove Inequalities, issued in China in 2011. His colleague from Croatia Josip Pečarić, distingueshed expert for mathematical inequalities, has been invited to write a preface to the book, and to contributa a separate chapter.

Furthermore, an interview with Professor Pečarić has been published in a Chinese journal called Mathematics in 2012, and the interview was conducted by Iranian mathematician Mohammad Sal Moslehian.

Monograph written by Professor Wan Lin Wang, China

Dedication of the author, Chinese mathematician Wan-lan Wang, to Professor Josip Pečarić, Croatia

Professor Wan-lan Wang, author of the monograph, published some of his scientific works in MIA,
Mathematical Inequalities and Applications, the first one in Croatia to have been included into the CC category.

Professor Pečarić wrote a chapter in the monograph with his two collaborators.

Among numerous results, famous Čebišev and Jensen inequalities are described in the article.

Academician Josip Pečarić describing the content of the book to Professor Sandra Bishof, who is the Dean of the
Faculty of Textile Technology of the University of Zagreb, where Professor Pečarić is also employed.

The interview of professor Mohammad Sal Moslehian with professor Josip Pečarić, reproduced below in Chinese,
has been originally published by the Banach Center for Mathematical Analysis,
printed in Iran, in its issue Volume 2, Number 2, 2008, dedicated to him.

Academician Josip Pečarić with Mrs. Ankica

建立不等式的方法 = Jian li bu deng shi de fang fa = Approaches to prove inequalities
Publisher: 哈爾濱工業大學出版社, Ha'erbin Shi : Ha'erbin gong ye da xue chu ban she, 2011. (source)

Professor Josip Pečarić is a founder of several professional mathematical journals in Croatia, see for example MIA.

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  • Comment #1 (Posted by Khuram Ali Khan)

    Nice work to attribute the great Mathematician
  • Comment #2 (Posted by Sajid Iqbal)

    It is really good to see that the interview of Professor Josip E. Pecaric published in Chinese. This shows the worth of his words and also shows that the how much Chinese mathematician has respect for him. I want to add that, now Professor Pecaric has about 950 research articles and 190 co-authors. Also he has a big group in Pakistan working under his supervision.

  • Comment #3 (Posted by Dr. Matloob Anwar)

    Prof Pecaric is a great Mathematician as well as nice Person.
  • Comment #4 (Posted by Dr. Naveed Latif)

    Sir Professor Pecaric is a really a great Mathematician and a great contributor himself in Mathematics. I have no words to explain his personality but can say that he is himself is a Mathematics.
    I salute to him for his all things not only Mathematics, but also
    his social life.
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