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RADM J. Robert Lunney

Articles by this Author
» Paul Bucha Leading Candidate for the Secretary of the Army in Obama-Biden team
By RADM J. Robert Lunney | Published 02/6/2009 | People | Unrated
Paul Bucha is of Croatian descent; his paternal grandfather immigrated to the United States from the Croatian town of Našice. Bucha attended the United States Military Academy at West Point. Earned an MBA at Stanford University before his military career at Fort Campbell. Recipient of a Medal of Honor, he was very instrumental in Admiral J. Robert Lunney's successful effort to present Peter Tomich's Medal of Honor to the next of kin.
» Croatian Christmas Traditions by James Monti published in The Magnificat Advent 2006
By RADM J. Robert Lunney | Published 12/21/2006 | Croatians in B&H , Religion | Unrated

And it is in the night that the Church has placed the principal liturgical act of Christmas, midnight Mass. This focus upon Christmas night is particularly evident in the tradition of Croatia

Croatian Constellation

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