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Vesna Blažina and Darko Žubrinić

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» Nikola Tesla Croatian citizen advised the City Hall of Croatia's capital Zagreb in 1892 about electrification
In 1892, Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) has been invited by Milan Amruš, Mayor of the city of Zagreb, to visit the City Hall in order to give advice about future electrification. An interesting article from 1892 has been published in the Zagreb newspapers, which we provide for the first in English translation from Croatian original. We cite the following significant sentence from this 1892 article: Mr. Tesla considers it his duty, as a native son of this country [Croatia], to assist the Zagreb City Council in this matter offering his advice and helping in every way he can. The country he meant here is without any doubt Croatia. As a Croatian citizen, Nikola Tesla possessed the passport issued in the city of Zagreb in 1883. On the photo Nikola Tesla in 1941 with Fritzie Zivich, known as the Croat Comet, the then welter-weight boxing world champion.
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