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Violi Calvert

Child of the Universe.
  Filipino-Australian Correspondent, based in Sydney.

Alumni:  University of the East, Manila in the Philippines; University of Techonology Sydney [B. Bus] and Flinders University in Australia.

Avid fan of football and handball, her sons' sports.  Loves music and good sense of humour.  Greatly appreciates everyone and everything that promotes tolerance, social justice, world peace and respect for the environment.

Articles by this Author
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» Croatia advances at the XVIII Women's World Handball Championships
By Violi Calvert | Published 12/3/2007 | Sports | Unrated
  Having won both of their preliminary matches against Kazakhstan and Argentina, the Croatian Women's Handball team advances to the next round of the XVIII Women's World Championships being held in France.
» On Ageing - As you get older, it is easier to be positive
By Violi Calvert | Published 08/28/2007 | Humor And Wisdom | Unrated
» Handball: Egypt and Croatia secure spot in Main Round
By Violi Calvert | Published 08/17/2007 | Sports | Unrated
 Croatia is the second team to secure a spot in the next phase of the Men's Junior World Championships in Macedonia, after drawing 25:25 with neighbours Slovenia.
By Violi Calvert | Published 12/16/2006 | Friends In Action | Unrated
» Croatian Handball Team Wins Statoil World Cup
By Violi Calvert | Published 11/4/2006 | Sports , Media Watch , Awards | Unrated
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