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Branimir Kvartuc of to cross the Adriatic Sea for charity
By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic | Published  05/23/2010 | Sports , Events , Education , Culture And Arts , Charity | Unrated
Đakovo Embroidery annual folklore festival in northeast of Croatia

Every detail prepared with extreme care...
Đakovački Vezovi (Đakovo Embroidery) is the annual folklore festival of the regions of Slavonia and Baranja (beginning of July), presenting traditional folk costumes, folklore dancing and singing groups and
custumes.  The festival takes place in the town of Đakovo, near the city of Osijek in the northeast region of Croatia in front of the Cathedral of St. Peter (Sv Petar). Photos by Branimir Kvartuč, Los Angeles / Dubrovnik. Many thanks to Mr. Kvartuč for permission to publish his beautiful photos for the readers of the CROWN. For more photos, see his photos at

Ethno hairstyles of Croatia are unique in Europe

Nicely decorated bottle with Croatian Coat of Arms

Dancing in front of the Đakovo Cathedral

The city of Đakovo is very old, existing from 1239, when it was a seat of the bishopric.

Children are beautifuly decorated as well

A grandmother with Croatian elixir in čokanjčić. Look carefuly at her costume.

Singing in Đakovo, like at home...

Croatian Horses in Đakovo

The Đakovo Stud is among the oldest in Europe, existing for 500 years

Croatian Kolo Dance - Round Dounce

The Ljelje-Queens tradition and their costumes are protected by UNESCO:

The Croatian tamburica music can be heared everywhere in Đakovo...

Wholehearted singing, regardless to the age

Formated for CROWN by prof.dr. Darko Žubrinić
Distributed by . This message is intended for Croatian Associations/Institutions and their Friends in Croatia and in the World. The opinions/articles expressed on this list do not reflect personal opinions of the moderator. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, please delete or destroy all copies of this communication and please, let us know!

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  • Comment #1 (Posted by John Viculin)

    The photographs by Mr. Branimir Kvartuc are beautiful and meaningful. They prove that one picture is worth 1000 words. Also the video is outstanding.
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