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Stjepan Veckovic founder of Croatian Bagpipe Orchestra
By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic | Published  09/29/2009 | Music , Culture And Arts | Unrated
Bagpipes are played throughout Croatia

According to Mr. Stjepan Večković from the Croatian National Folklore Ensemble LADO, there is no country in the world which has such a variety of different traditional musical instruments as Croatia. Here is a small selection of Croatian instruments, exhibited at the Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb.

The pan flute in Croatian traditional musical heritage has a unique shape: it is symmetric and provides much richer tonal possibilities than the usual encountered in South America, Romania and elsewhere.

Members of the Croatian Bagpipe orchestra are from various parts of Croatia, each of them with a typical local costume.

Tomislav Livaja, a young bagpipe player from the village of Slakovci near the town of Vinkovci in Slavonia on the north of Croatia, in a beautiful national costume.

Roženice and bagpipe players Klaudio and Mladen Radolović  from the town of Vodnjan in Istrian penisula on the south-western part of Croatia. The melody is based on the famous Istrian scale. The sound of roženice is very penetrating.

Croatian Bagpipe Orchestra in Trešnjevka Cultural Center in Zagreb, 2009. Trešnjevka is a part of Zagreb the name of which can be translated as "Cherryland"

Some other sources dealing with Croatian bagpipe tradition

Adam Svirčević and Mato Balentović playing bagpipes (gajde) in the town of Županja in 2008.


Diple playing on Croatian island of Pag by Ante Grbić in 2008.

Croatian Bagpipe from Baranya Region, playing 

Oliver Rogošić diple player, 2009.

Croatian Diple Music

Croatian bagpipe music

Croatian Diple Players

Croatian diplars Ante Mucić and Željko Keža

Marko Šundov, Croatian diple player

Antun Božić and Lidija Bajuk, a well known promotor of traditional Croatian singing. From a concert organized at the Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb in December 2009.

Stjepan and Mihael Večković, father and son, playing Croatian bagpipes.

My sincere gratitude goes to Ms Lidija Bajuk, a well known Croatian singer, for her information that led to the creation of this web page devoted to little known Croatian bagpipe tradition. Also many thanks to Mr. Stjepan Večković, a very fine musician and brilliant lecturer, for providing me with essential information.

Formated for CROWN by prof.dr. Darko Žubrinić
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