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Support Ann Marie Boskovich For The Next American Idol
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  02/17/2009 | People , Events , Culture And Arts | Unrated
Ann Marie Boskovich, 22, from Thousand Oaks, CA is one of the top 36 contestants on Season 8 of American Idol.
Ann Marie Boskovich

We begin an exciting week as Ann Marie was picked to sing in the first group set to perform on Tuesday, February 17th. I will be messaging everyone with the number to call as the show airs in the East Coast.

I am so grateful for the incredible amount of support for Ann Marie. Many of you have messaged and asked how I know her...simply, I was her English teacher in high school. I started this Facebook page as a way for her friends and family to communicate their support having no idea that it would take off the way it did. I am not a "professional," nor did Ann Marie ever ask me to start this page for her or ask me to put any information on it. In fact, she didn't even know I started the page and is still overwhelmed by the response.

If you have the privilege of knowing Ann Marie, you were a fan long before her involvement with American Idol simply because she is just one of those special people with an amazing heart. There is no publicity machine here-simply a group of people who love her and want her to have an opportunity to bless others through her voice.

So, as Tuesday rolls around, we encourage you to vote and please encourage others to vote as well. As viewers, we will be picking the top female, the top male and the contestant with the next highest votes to move on.

Thanks so much!

Here is the schedule per American Idol:

* Feb 17 & 18 - Ann Marie sings!

Top 36 Semi-Final Round
* Feb 24 & 25 -Top 36 Semi-Final Round
* Mar 3 & 4 - Top 36 Semi-Final Round
* Thur, Mar 5 - Wildcard Show
* Tues, Mar 10 - Top 12 Round begins

Facebook page to join:


I heard Ann singing. She is talented. Very good voice, very good attitude. Modest and authentic.
I will hear all the contestants, but she will get my vote for sure. I saw her from the beginning. One of my favorites.

Nenad N. Bach

Facebook info forwarded by Niko Hazdovac and Adriatic Travel, Inc.

What can you do to help:






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