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 »  Home  »  Events  »  Billy Kirchen and his musical "Mirrors of Desire" in New York on October 19th
 »  Home  »  Culture And Arts  »  Billy Kirchen and his musical "Mirrors of Desire" in New York on October 19th
Billy Kirchen and his musical "Mirrors of Desire" in New York on October 19th
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  09/16/2008 | People , Events , Culture And Arts | Unrated
Mirrors of Desire is a magical love story

Billy Kirchen

American baritone, pianist, and composer Billy Kirchen has been heralded by the legendary Shirley Maclaine, Marvin Hamlisch and Harold Prince for his consummate artistry and lyricism that span two continents–North America and Asia. He appeared in New York City with a bravura performance alongside Natalie Cole at New York City Center and with Dolly Parton in Minneapolis. Mr. Kirchen launched the world premiere of his The World’s Our Playground in Tochigi-Ken, Japan. Most recently, he was commissioned by Marquette High School to compose a piece of music for their 150th Celebration and by the City of Milwaukee to write their Anti-Graffiti Anthem. He performed his music at the 2003 USA Gymnastics Championships and the 2003 All-Star Indoor Soccer Games. Other engagements include a recital for

Wisconsin Governor Scott McCallum, and he and his compositions have been featured at the Wisconsin Sports Hall of Fame induction ceremonies.Mr. Kirchen’s national theatre and vocal credits include: Oscar in Marc Blitzstein’s Regina; the Prince in The Little Mermaid; Cinderella, and La Boheme, all with Great Lakes Opera Company. He headlined the North American premier of Damn Tango with Theatre Tesseract. He was also a featured soloist with the Boca Raton Pops Orchestra. He has performed at countless venues in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Miami. Since founding the Prayer for a Nation choir in 2001, Mr. Kirchen has gained recognition as a leader in working with children. He has devised and directed musical theater education programs for Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic School in Milwaukee and has toured with the choir to both New York City and Minneapolis.

Mr. Kirchen began his professional career early on as a member of the Kids from Wisconsin touring ensemble. At age five he began studying piano under Adelaide Banaszynski at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. He studied voice with Adele Borouchoff at the University of Wisconsin, where he received a bachelor of French, and in Los Angeles under Seth Riggs.

CONTACT BILLY: 414.698.8806


Mirrors of Desire is a magical love story set to music and dance complete with a fairy godmother of sorts, angels, imps, and of course magic. The hero of the story is an angel by the name of Angelo, the head of a band of angels that are “neither from heaven nor hell but somewhere in between.” Angelo, once an actor off off Broadway, on the rise to fame and fortune, dies tragically before his time. He comes back to earth to save the life, the career, and the marriage of Adam, the man who helped cause Angelo’s untimely demise. Adam, once a famous composer, married to Super-Star Gabriella, and hasn’t had a hit in 10 years deeply resents his wife and his plight in life. He is about to do himself in when Angelo dramatically appears to him with his band of angels and imps. Adam forgets about ending it all and instead mayhem, madness, laughter and love ensue as Angelo takes Adam on a journey of self-discovery he will never forget.

My grandmother Rose Perinic is from Virovitica, Croatia and my great grand father, Blaz Perinic is from Zagreb, Croatia. My great grand father was married to Meri Leske (I think that is how you spell it) and she was from Hungary. They settled in Virovitica and had a child by the name of Rosica. Then they came to the United States in 1915 and settled in Milwaukee, where Blaz worked on the railroad for his entire life and had a "Golden Pass" to travel anywhere in the United States at no cost.  He and Meri had four more children, George, Steve, Annie and Mary. Blaz and Meri also ran a boarding house out of their home during the great depression while Blaz continued to work for the Milwaukee Road Railway.He always proud of the fact that he had family that he could provide only the best for. Although, it was not a lot, they always had good food, a nice home and the best shoes and clothes, even if it was only one or two things. My grandmother Rosica, was a wonderful and strong woman who eventually started her own Bakery in Milwaukee with her husband, my grandfather, Tom Barger, who's family actually came to the United States on the Mayflower in the 1600's.

My grandmother, Rose, and I were very very close. She took me to her 55th class reunion from high school at the Eagles Club in Milwaukee. The Eagles club during the 30s and 40s was the hot spot for all of the big bands that were popular during that era. My grandmother loved to dance, especially during the 30s and 40s, to big band music. I actually was her favorite grandchild, which did not go over well with the rest of the family. Although, I never quite mastered the Croatian language, I have certain phrases that I remember. One of them that comes to mind, I can't speak it. It's kind of naughty!  My grandmother ,who was very proud of her heritage, instilled in me a love for Croatia, her people, and the Croatian culture especially the food and drink. Every winter I make huge pots of sarma, which I learned how to cook from my grandmother's sister, Mary.

They are all gone now, but my memory of them will always remain in my heart.


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  • Comment #1 (Posted by Nadia Spoalr)

    Great article. go Billy, we are very proud of you and your Croatian heritage. Wonderful job!
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