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For retired coach Chuck Mrazovich, keeping fit's a slam dunk
By Marko Puljić | Published  08/27/2008 | Sports , People | Unrated
Aging Well

For retired coach, keeping fit's a slam dunk

 Chuck Mrazovich's interests range from sports to music

Hall of Fame: I just got notice from Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond. They told me I'm being inducted into the EKU Athletics Hall of Fame in September. I'll be honored at half time. I'm going to an Army reunion the same week, 50 miles from Richmond.

On the ball: I was raised in Ambridge, Pa., a steel-mill area. After World War II, I went to EKU. I graduated in '50. I was a third-round draft pick by what's now the Pacers franchise. I played for three years and went back to Kentucky and started coaching high school ball. Later, I moved to Florida, and there was an opening at Hialeah Senior High. I coached from '64 to '72. I also taught arts and crafts and physical ed. I retired in '89 or '90.

Under one roof: My wife, Mary, was a drum majorette in college. We've been married for 58 years. We had a boy first, then a girl. At one time, we all went to high school. My son was playing basketball, I was the coach, my daughter was a cheerleader and my wife was a substitute teacher.

Breaking a sweat: I go to Don Shula's Athletic Club three times a week with Mary. I get on the treadmill and do 30 minutes to get my heart beating, I work on weights for 45 minutes and I do a lot of leg exercises because if you can't walk you just wilt. Mary goes upstairs to the women's exercise class.

Handy man: My hobby is antiques and raising grandkids. I design furniture, sculptures, all kinds of art work. I play the brac, a Croatian instrument shaped like guitar. I even made a couple of 'em. I said I can play one, so why can't I make one.

One-drink maximum: I eat most of everything, but I exercise a lot. I'm 6-feet-5, 200 pounds. My playing weight was 185 to 190. I'll drink a mixed drink, maybe have a beer, which I could do without, but I don't drink daily. Some say the second or third drink tastes better. To me, it gets worse.

Easy dunk: At 84, I'm not playing basketball any more. I was reading some clippings, and I was quite outstanding. I could dunk with no problems. I'd stand flat-footed and shove. We weren't allowed to dunk, but we would just to show off before the game. I wish I could play the game now.


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  • Comment #1 (Posted by David Stone)

    I really enjoyed reading this article about Coach Mrazovich and to see that he has indeed aged well. As one of his players at Hialeah HS in 1964 and 65, I really enjoyed and appreciated his coaching ability and his patience with all of us on the team. I hope he is still well and enjoying life, as he has definitely deserved it.
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