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Veljko Rogosic first to swim from Europe to Africa via Sicilia in July 2008
By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic | Published  08/13/2008 | Sports , People | Unrated
Veljko Rogošić was the first swimmer to connect Europe and Africa via Sicilia

In 2008 Veljko Rogošić, a famous Croatian longdistance swimmer, swam 171 km marathon from Sicilia to Africa, and reached Africa's Cape Bon in Tunisia. He started the first marathon from Europe to Africa on his 67th birthday!

Photos are from and

Veljko Rogošić is one of the greatest longdistance swimmers in history.

Veljko Rogosic was named International Long Distance Swimming Federation World Champion four times between 1971 and 1974. He was the first one to have swam the distance of 200 km without interruption. From the town of Grado near Trieste in Italy to Riccone near Ancona he set the world record of 225 km in long distance swimming (during this swim he lost 16 kg).

In 1992 this outstanding sportsman entered the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame, Florida, USA. He was participant of the Homeland War during Greater-Serbian aggression on Croatia and one of the founders of Croatian Marine Corps. Recipient of the Medal of Homeland War from president Franjo Tudjman. His motto and message to young people is


  • Rogosic swam La Manche (45 km) in 2004 at the age of 63! For this he needed 11 hours and 27 minutes. His name was written in the 'Gold book of La Manche' as the first Croatian and the oldest man to do so.
  • In the summer 2005 he swam almost 1,000 km along Croatian coast (from Savudrija to Rt Ostro in Konavle) in less than two months, at the age of 64! Also, this is the ultra-marathon swimming world record (880 km in 222 hours, in 57 etapes in less than 58 days).

Veljko Rogošić after more than 50 hours of swimming.

Veljko Rogošić in the city of Rovinj in Istria, Croatia, where he started his 1000 km long marathon along the Croatian coast in 2005, reaching Konvale south of Dubrovnik.

Children in Rovinj around Veljko Rogošić before his 1000 km long swiming along the Croatian coast. Here Veljko is at the age of 65!

Rovinj: Greetings to everybody at the very start of 1000 km long swimming! With sport against drugs!

Veljko Rogošić with his grandchildren.

Veljko Rogošić dedicated his last swimming marathon to his beloved wife Željka.

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  • Comment #1 (Posted by marija)

    Bravo Veljko!
    You are an inspiration to us "over the hill" types!
    God bless you and God bless Croatia!
  • Comment #2 (Posted by irene freeman)

    I am very grateful to be able to contact Croatia and if you can send me your newsletter shall appreciate this gest-
  • Comment #3 (Posted by David)

    A good article about a great swimmer. Shows you what you can do if you put your mind to it. He was famous years ago but has grown in stature over time.
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