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Croatian Heroes: Dubrovnik defenders in 1991
By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic | Published  08/5/2008 | Croatian Heroes , Human Rights , In Memoriam , History , Croatian Life Stories | Unrated
Memorial Room dedicated to 1991 Dubrovnik defenders, part 1

The main street in the city of Dubrovnik - the famous Stradun, in 2008.

The same street in 1991 after Serbian and Montenegrin savage bombing and shelling. The City was a part of world's cultural heritage, protected by UNESCO.

The Onofrio Well on the Stradun street today, built in 1444.

The same Onofrio Well in 1991, protected by sacks of sand.

The famous Orlando column on Stradun street in 2008, on the right. On the left is the entrance to the Memorial Room of Dubrovnik Defenders.

The Orlando Column in 1991, one of symbols of Dubrovnik, protected, as well as the Cathedral of St. Vlaho behind it.

Near the Orlando Column there is a recent marble plaque dedicated to apostolic visit to Dubrovnik by Pope John Paul II in 2003 and his blessing of the City.

Destruction of the City of Dubrovnik in 1991.

A huge problem during the 1991 agression on the City was pouring water. The City was cut from water supplies by the Serbian and Montenegrin aggressors. Fortunately, a few centuries old wells in the City were a good substitute. The photo is again from the main Stradun street. They are exhibited in the Memorial Room dedicated to Dubrovnik defeneders.

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