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Damir Spanic - Artist of the Week - Photographer for Life
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  04/3/2008 | People , Culture And Arts | Unrated
All people are beautiful

Damir Spanic

Born in late ‘68 as a child I was attracted to visual and graphics. At the age of 20 I have bought first camera and three lenses. At the age of 21 I got first job as photographer in photo department of city crime police. Since then life took a lots of versatile routes and in early 2000 I have decided to pursue more detailed approach to photography and started to photograph people. Mostly headshots and portraits. It was the turning point of trying to capture the essence of the person, after arrival of an idea that all people are beautiful for no reason related to their outside appearance but more to inner qualities.

Now I am a stock and lifestyle photographer with the strongest point in portraits and emotive portraits. I license my images through a Canadian agency, subsidiary of Getty. My work has been recognized by sensitive individuals like Sarpaneva Stepan, designer of fine watches from Finland, people like CEO and editor in chief of Croatian magazine Livingstone, Midiken model management. On my official website are samples of my published and unpublished work. Whatever I photograph no matter how pleasant for the eye at the moment of creation soon becomes not good enough for me. The inner urge to express inexplicable force that drives all life makes me search for the perfect shot. There is realm of higher beings, subtle and of higher rate of frequency which mingle within our ideas. It would be interesting to know what kind of photography and art they see as beautiful. My current objective is to build broad stock portfolio and high quality emotion charged people shots. This would, eventually, take me to the next level. Come sometime to my site to see how my portfolio is growing and in which way it evolves.

Damir Spanic Photographer
+385.91.5724.512 Croatia
+1.646.238.3320 New York City

iStockPhoto Artist of the Week

 "Damir's respect towards color and composition will win any round"

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