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Marko Perkovic - Thompson USA & Canada Tour Nov 2 - 18th 2007
By Marko Puljić | Published  10/31/2007 | Events , Culture And Arts | Unrated
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13.04.07. - VUKOVAR
14.04.07. - ĐAKOVO
21.04.07. - FRANKFURT
27.04.07. - IMOTSKI
28.04.07. - ŠIBENIK
01.05.07. - SISAK
05.05.07. - BEČ
10.05.07. - SARAJEVO
11.05.07. - SLAVONSKI BROD
18.05.07. - KNIN
25.05.07. - VIROVITICA
02.06.07. - LUZERN
17.06.07. - ZAGREB
27.07.07. - SPLIT
18.08.07. - SUKOŠAN
15.09.07. - DUBROVNIK
21.09.07. - POŽEGA
23.09.07. - KUTINA
27.09.07. - MOSTAR
29.09.07. - GOSPIĆ
30.09.07. - OSIJEK
02.11.07. - NEW YORK
03.11.07. - NEW YORK
04.11.07. - TORONTO
09.11.07. - CLEVELAND
10.11.07. - CHICAGO
11.11.07. - LOS ANGELES
16.11.07. - VANCOUVER
18.11.07. - SAN FRANCISCO

Miroslav Rus, Marko Perkovic - Thompson and Nenad Bach, 2006. We support you !

Take time to read the lyrics from Thompson's songs, translated into English:

Arrival of The Croats
Cavoglave Batallion
Day is coming
Don't deceive me with a dove in your hands
Ghostof a Warrior
King Zvonimir's curse
Growing old
My grandpa and me
My Son
My Ivan
My people
Warriors of the light
The Beginning
There Where My Roots Are
Grabovac Maiden
How beautiful you are
Tell me, My Brother

Formated for CROWN by Nenad Bach
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  • Comment #1 (Posted by Mara Bakula)

    thank you for what you have done Nenad, this article is great. You might know me I'm the daughter of Ana ili Anika Bakula. I think it is awful what people are saying about Thompson, sometimes you shouldn't get all your information for the same place or the same kind of people and that is exactly what is occuring here. It sickens me what people say, which is totally not true most of the time. I'm only 17 and i may be young but i certinly know the difference between fact and fiction.

    Mara Ruzana Bakula
  • Comment #2 (Posted by marcellogo)

    Mister Bach, thank you for your effort in supporting Thompson and explaining the truth about Croatia.
    A big HVALA to the North-american Croatian Communities for their courage, and a big BOOH to the politicians, let's remember it on sunday 25th!
    Only an advice:Don't think it will be over as soon as the tour will stop, they will keep on after it, it really begin long before. SWC, CCC and Jadl will cooperate also after, so I think you, all Croatian Diaspora organization, America's and from all the world have to do the same. And make of 4th of November Croatian (and Catholic) Pride Day!!!
    A vi zato bdijte jer morate bditi,
    Domovini ponos vratiti!
    Greetings from Italia!
    Marcello Gusberti.

  • Comment #3 (Posted by Em Appeal)

    some of the translations don't do justice to the songs.
  • Comment #4 (Posted by Bob)

    I wish you,
    Merry Christmas and blessed New 2008 year!
  • Comment #5 (Posted by Daca)

    I love Thompson he is the best
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