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Volunteers sought for Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra's USA Tour
By Frank Mustac | Published  08/7/2007 | Culture And Arts , Community | Unrated
Can you volunteer your time for the arts?
Volunteers sought for Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra's
USA Mid-Atlantic Tour

To volunteer, visit:

For more information on the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra's USA Tour, visit:

The International Music Center of America (IMCA), a non-profit arts organization with offices in Maryland and California, is bringing the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra (DSO) from its home in Croatia to the United States for a brief tour, November 1-12, 2007.

One of Croatia's most prominent professional ensembles, the 40-piece orchestra is scheduled to perform on the following dates:

Sunday, November 4
Maryland Theatre, Hagerstown, Maryland

Monday, November 5
Millennium Stage, Kennedy Center, Washington, DC

Tuesday, November 6
Langsdale Auditorium, University of Baltimore, Maryland

Wednesday, November 7
Whitaker Center for the Performing Arts, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Thursday, November 8
HarlemStage, Aaron Davis Hall, Marian Anderson Theatre

The ensemble will perform works by contemporary Croatian composers Pero ia (currently composer in residence and General Director of DSO), and Boris Papandopulo, as well as a late Mozart symphony.

DSO Music Director Zlatan Srzic will lead the orchestra; Prominent Polish percussionist Jan Lotko will be the featured soloist. The tour is sponsored by Croatian Ministry of Culture, the City of Dubrovnik, and the IMCA.

While many of the expenses will be paid by the city government of Dubrovnik, IMCA has committed to certain expenses as well and is asking for volunteers and support.

Skills required of volunteers are:
* An outgoing, pleasant personality
* An ability to articulate IMCA's mission, and find common ground with the party being approached
* A passion for classical music
* An ability to research potential sponsors and donors
* Attention to detail
* Prior fund-raising experience very helpful
* Knowledge of Croatian language would be the icing on the cake, but is not required.

To volunteer, visit:

or contact:

International Music Center of America (Washington, D.C.)
1572 East West Highway
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Tel: (301) 326-1610

International Music Center of America
11230 Gold Express Drive, #310-210
Gold River, California 95670
Tel: (916) 760-0468

For more information on the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra's USA Tour, visit:

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