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Croatian National Tourist office Newsletter - August 2007
By Nena Komarica | Published  08/1/2007 | Tourism | Unrated
Official Newsletter of the Croatian National Tourist Office - August 2007
 August 2007
 Official Newsletter of the Croatian National Tourist Office,

New York, NY



The first ever 5 star hotel in Split has just opened. Hotel Atrium is situated in city center and is intended for business travelers as primary guests. The hotel was being built for 15 months and the whole investment amounted to $25 million. Hotel Atrium was constructed on the remains of antique city of Split and its Diocletian Aquaduct (it can be seen from the hotel gallery below street level). It will feature all the modern day amenities including wellness and beauty center, indoor pool, underground garage as well as conference space. This hotel will be part of City Luxury Hotels chain (division of Adriatic Luxury Hotels), and will feature 99 rooms and 2 VIP suites.


Sibenik, August 17-18

This festival of authentic Dalmatian songs is held in this beautiful central Dalmatian city. The performers are in most cases also the authors of songs. "Dalmatian Chanson Evenings" started in 1998, celebrating 700th anniversary of Sibenik diocese and the founding of Sibenik as a town. Sibenik has centuries  of singing tradition.


Varazdin, August 24 - September 2

Every year, at the end of August, baroque city of Varazdin is transformed into one great open stage. Its streets are filled with musicians, actors and entertainers from many different countries. Street theaters, performances, music concerts, dances, old trades - all of that is happening during those 10 festive days in Varazdin.

Veli Losinj, August 4

The island of Veli Losinj in Northern Adriatic is celebrating Day of dolphins every first Saturday in August since 1993. This event is dedicated to dolphins and includes an exhibition of children art work in the city center as well as children's play, a concert and exhibition of photographs.


Hotel Regent Esplanade is Croatian capital's landmark that in 2005 celebrated it's 80th birthday. This luxury property has been known for its outstanding service and hospitality, so it's no wonder that it was recently awarded 2 prestigious awards. International organization Superbrands gave Superbrand status to Regent Esplanade reflecting high quality status of the hotel allowing it to put this logo on all of promotional materials which adds to "upscale" perception of the property.
  Another international award was "5 Star Diamond Award" by "The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences". In judging the hotel, all aspects of service are taken into consideration, most of all - hospitality.


Town of Rijeka on the Northern coast of Adriatic Sea got the first sightseeing double-decker bus in all of Croatia. The bus operates between Rijeka and Opatija, beautiful resort town some 10 miles further north on the Adriatic coast. During the 3 hour sightseeing trip, tourist can hear many interesting stories from areas past and present in 10 languages. The bus exterior was painted by famous Rijeka artist Vojo Radoicic and tells a story about popular Rijeka and Opatija locations.

Karlovac,  August 24  September 2

This beautiful town situated on four rivers, not far from the capital Zagreb, for the 20th year hosts the traditional beer festival. Being the home of the well known Croatian Brewery and its famous "Karlovacko Pivo" (Karlovac Beer), this event attracts many beer lovers. Daily concerts and performances, plenty of good food, and of course, beer and pretzels, are the highlights of this festival.


Sinj, August 3-5

This knightly competition takes place every year during the first weekend in August. There are 3 days of competitions, and the final one on Sunday, is the main event. Sinjska Alka is a tournament in which competitors on horseback, dressed in traditional costumes, at full gallop, aim the ring target called "Alka" with their lances. After three rounds, the winner is the one with the most hits in the smallest, central part of Alka. This event draws thousand of spectators every year.


Island of Vis, July 19 - September 23

One of the still fairly undiscovered areas in Croatia is a beautiful island of Vis. "Summer on Vis" is a festival consisting of concerts, performances and art exhibitions with the accent on culture and history. This year's manifestation is dedicated to the history and tradition of island's name, Vis, first appearing in 10th Century.

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