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Denis Licul at Clay Art Center Exhibition
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  06/5/2007 | Culture And Arts , Events | Unrated
Croatian artist featured in tableware exhibit
Denis Licul at Clay Art Center Exhibition

As we celebrate our 50th anniversary we will be featuring exhibitions in two locations. Our main exhibitions will be exhibited in the Choy Gallery, the main gallery downstairs named after our founder Katherine Choy. We will also exhibit work in the upstairs office space, which we call Henry's Project, named after founder Henry Okamoto. Henry's project will feature themed exhibitions incorporating more experimental works by artist members.

The Members Studio Show and Sale is held twice a year and is known in the area as a place to acquire hand made pottery and sculpture.

JUNE 8 - 16, 2007
Opening Reception: FRIDAY, JUNE 8, 2007. 5 - 9 pm.

Choy Gallery
At the Table: Morning, Noon & Night

An exhibition featuring utilitarian dinnerware and objects for the table by current and past CAC members. Featuring complete table settings by multiple artists, centerpieces, wall sculpture, and other objects that involve the table and our experiences of it.

Clay has been traditionally used as a material to make utilitarian pottery, explore the figure and make abstract sculptures, all of which has the potential to involve the table and our experiences of it. Different events occur at the table as individuals and as a community; from nourishing ourselves, to sharing daily events with others, to revealing intimate details of our lives with family and friends over coffee or tea. Despite different personal motivations for making work, all participating artists share common yet individualized experiences "at the table." The exhibit, displayed on long tables adorned with tablecloths, will feature individual place settings and other utilitarian objects from each of the 52 artists, creating an abundance of dining paraphernalia to suit anyone's feasting needs. In addition, several artists will exhibit wall sculpture and non-functional centerpieces for the table. The exhibition will be cash and carry, allowing buyers to bring home their treasures immediately!

Participants include Patricia Akinyemi, Sally Aldrich, Keiko Ashida, Sarah Baehr, Parviz Batliwala, Dalia Berman, Sue Broderick, Jennifer Cherpock, Sarah Coble, Paula Cook, Michael Failla, Lucia Fenning, Mark Fitzgerald, Karen Ford, Grace Fraioli, Vicki Gable, Audrey Greenwald, Tabitha Henry, Beth Herod, Debra Holiber, Heather Houston, Natalie Kase, Reena Kashyap, Sarah Koster, Deborah Lecce, Kazuko Lee, Judith Leire, Mireille Lemarchand, Denis Licul, Janet Lipow, Loren Maron, George Fintan McEvoy, Michelle Martin, Deborah Mawhinney, Leigh Taylor Mickelson, Bob Miranti, Doris Montagna, Rimmie Mosley, Kiyomi Noda, Alexandra Phillipas, Barbara Rittenberg, Daunell Roller, Lily Schor, Roberta Shapiro, Collette Smith, Florence Suerig, Hatsumi Suyama, Georgia Tenore, Michelle Tobia, Kyla Toomey, Rita Varian and Barbara Walch.

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