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First Indoor-Soccer School in Croatia
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  06/5/2007 | Sports | Unrated
New school for neglected sport opens in Croatia
First Indoor-Soccer School in Croatia

by Danko Karabelj & Karmen Horvat.
Photo: Zvonimir Kosinjski

Croatian indoor-soccer squad players Korab and Kujtim Morina established the first Indoor-soccer academy in Croatia in September last year. According to the pattern of best striker of "the Fiery Ones" Davor Suker, who established a soccer academy, masters of the indoor courts, brothers Korab and Kujtim Morina have established a unique indoor-soccer school.

-Our initial goal was to get the kids of the street. Indoor-soccer is having an upswing, the kids are playing it on school courts, but there is not form of indoor-soccer players receiving education. All indoor-soccer players today are recruited from "big" soccer lines, and this is why we have decided to educate kids for this sport from the word go. All with the goal of developing indoor-soccer- said the best player of the 2005 Kutija sibica indoor-soccer tournament, Korab Morina. From September last year, when the school began working, about 40 kids regularly practice between the ages of 12 and 18. They are divided into two age groups, younger cadettes, generation 1991 and younger and two teams of juniors. Seeing how they cannot participate in competitions as indoor-soccer school, younger cadettes perform as cadettes of the Martinovka ISC, while juniors play for Promet Orkan ISC and Martinovka.

-All three teams have practice three times a week, separately, of course. We train at two school courts, in the city centre near the Ivan Merc Primary School and Krizaniceva Grammar School. We requested the city to help us with sports hall to train in; they promised to ensure something for us in September, which would largely improve practice conditions because this way we depend on the weather forecast. From official competitions, organised by the Croatian Football Association, there is only the Junior Championship of Croatia, divided into four regional groups. -This year our juniors lost in the north group finals to Sesvete and this is the only official competition, it lasts for only four months and therefore we, apart from organising our own tournaments, participate in many others - Korab says. The school is solely financed by membership fees and first sponsors have started contacting them, like fotex, but of course, new sponsors are welcome. -We are actually still lat the beginning, and every beginning is hard. We try as much as we can; we get our own equipment, balls and all that is necessary. My brother and I have great plans for this project. Our goal is to gather about a hundred kids. Nenad Humar helps us at practices, who works with goal keepers and we must also mention Rudolf Prisovnik in the entire undertaking. The Murina brothers want to make this neglected sport in Croatia a mass thing and this is why they invite everyone interested in working with the boys who were born in 1989 or younger to join the work of the Gimka Indoor-Soccer Academy: -Girls are invited too, we already have two training with us and we are planning to establish a school for female indoor-soccer- Korab told us in the end.

All interested parties can contact us a +38591/566-8000 (Korab Morina) and +38591/548-8416 (Kujtim Morina).

For additional information, visit Gimka Indoor-Soccer Academy website at


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