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Prof. Dr. Nikola Buble
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/20/2007 | People , Culture And Arts | Unrated
His works influenced the spreading of the frames of ethnomusicology in Croatia

Nikola Buble was born in Split, Croatia, in 1950. He finished music studies at the Teacher-training College o the Split University (Croatia) and at the Music Academy of the Sarajevo University (Bosnia and Herzegovina); he received the academic degree Master of Arts (M.A.) of Ethnomusicology st the Academy of Music of the Zagreb University (Croatia) and the degree Doctor of Musicological Sciences (Mus.D.) at the Faculty of Arts and Letters of the Ljubljana University (Slovenia). He has been giving lectures both in his native country Croatia and abroad (Bern, Vienna, Baden, Rome ...). He is a professor of Ethnomusicology and Conducting at the Academy of Music of the Split University. He published forty one (41) books: seventeen (17) books as author, twelve (12) books as editor and twelve (12) collected works as editor, melograph, artistic interpreter, author of music. He is an author of ninety (90) professional and scholarly papers and twenty six (26) recording editions. In his scholarly papers he 'plunges into interpersonal relations, social environment and cultural circumstances, and in that way he sets the whole music culture into an enlarged social context' and by doing so he expresses' a differentiated need for ethnomusicology research of the phenomenon of music'. 'He is distinguished for his research thoroughness' and his works 'influenced the spreading of the frames of ethnomusicology in Croatia both in the thematic and conceptual way'. His work distinguished itself by its authenticity as it is a fruit of 'a successful music theoretician/ a scholar and a practicing artist/ a pedagogue'.

As an artist he enjoys reputation of a reliable conductor (appearing in Split, Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Ljubljana, Mainz, Paris, Stuttgart, Vienna ...), a pianist and a church organ player (regens chori in the Benedictine nunnery of St. Nicholas in Trogir). He was the first conductor of the orchestra of the Croatian navy in the independent Republic of Croatia (1991). His compositions are based on the quotations of the Dalmatian urban folklore. They are performed and recorded in Croatia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Rusia, Japan ...For his artistic and scholarly work he has been awarded many prizes, certificates and medals; for his exceptional merits in culture he received the order of 'Danica hrvatska s likom Marka Marulića' by the decision of dr. Franjo Tuđman, the president of the Republic of Croatia (1996), he was a double winner of the eminent recording prize Porin (1994 and 1998), the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award (2002), the award winner of the Italian Medaglia della regione Lazio (2003), ...

He was the artistic acting manager of the International Festival of the Mediterranean Folklore ('Međunarodni festival mediteranskog folklora', 1997-1980), The Festival of the Dalmatian Klapa Songs in Omiš ('Festival dalmatinskih klapa', 1992-1997) and he has been artistic director of the International Mandolin Festival since 2001 (Međunarodni festival mandolinista) ...He is a member of a number of international (International Councile for Traditional Music ...) and national professional associatons (Association of the Croatian Folklorists - Društvo folklorista Hrvatske, Croatian Musicological Society - Hrvatsko muzikološko društvo, Croatian Composers' Guild - Hrvatsko društvo skladatelja ...); he is a contributor ta a number of European professional magazines (La cultura nel mondo, Rivista Cistercensa, Atti e memorie della societa Dalmata di storia patria ...). He was the initiator and now is the project manager of Music Culture of the People of the South Croatia ('Glazbena kultura stanovnika južne Hrvatske'), and he was the chief editor of eight (8) books of the professional magazine The Voices of the National Heritage ('Bašćinski glasi'), published under this project.

He was member of the international project on the occasion of 2000 years of the Christianity at the Pontifical (Pope's) Institute of Church Music, Vatican. He was included into the Croatian Lexicon (1996), Marquis's publication Who's Who in the World 2004..., The Lexicon of the Croatian Church Music ... He has filled the post of the dean of the Academy of Music in Split since 2001, he is professor (since 2003) at the postgraduate study Culture and Society at the department for sociology of the Zadar University.


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