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 »  Home  »  Culture And Arts  »  An on-line auction for 48 hours. Famous artists helping other artists. Unity Through Music Dec 27-29, 2006
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An on-line auction for 48 hours. Famous artists helping other artists. Unity Through Music Dec 27-29, 2006
By Becky Garrigus - Success for Good | Published  12/24/2006 | Events , Culture And Arts , Charity | Unrated
Mersad Berber, Frank Licsko, Ivan Tomicic, Velimir Trnski, Hamo Ibrulj, Ulla Darni, Edourad Pail

LIVE Auction on

Mersad Berber, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Woman from Byzantium
Click for opening bid price, plus the whole catalog of paintings

Michael Jerome Bashaw, USA - Walking Along the Railroad Track, Worrying About Money
Click for opening bid price plus the whole catalog

Hamo Ibrulj, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Pocitelj, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Click for opening bid price plus the whole catalog of paintings

Ivan Tomicic, Croatia - Springtime
Click for opening bid price plus the whole catalog of paintings

Velimir Trnski, Croatia - Silence
Click for opening bid price plus the whole catalog of paintings


    Mersad Berber
    Mersad Berber was born on 1 January 1940 in a western Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since 1965 and his first one-man show at the City Gallery of Ljubljana, the career of this remarkable artist has been on sharp rise. Today Berber, as one of the best-known graphic artists in the world, who was also included in the Tate Gallery collection in 1984, makes the aesthetic and ethical identity of his homeland known to the millions of people. Nearly forty years of his artistic activity Berber spent as true homo universals he has been occupied with painting, graphic art, tapestry, illustrating and preparing bibliographic editions, graphic and poetic maps. Since 1966 Mersad Berber has received more than fifty awards. Among many International prizes it is inevitable to mention the Gold Medal and Honorary Diploma at the First International Exhibition of Graphic Art in Trieste, the first award at the 11th International Biennale in Sao Paolo, Honorary Prix at the 10th International Biennale of Graphic Art in Tokyo, the first award at the 7th Mediterranean Biennale in Alexandria, award of ICOM in Monte Carlo, the Krakow City award at the 4th International Biennale of graphic art and the Lalit Kala Academy Grand Prix at the 5th Indian Triennale in New Delhi. Krakow Grand Prix in 1997, an Ostende exhibition entitled "Between earth and heaven" and recent one "Artist of the ideal" in Verona, selected by famous art critic Edward Lucy Smith, just confirmed Berber as one of the most significant contemporary artists. Since 1992 Mersad Berber has been living and working in Zagreb, Croatia.

    Hamo Ibrulj
    The paintings of Hamo Ibrulj well-known Bosnian artist cherished his brilliance and intensity of his works and have been widely recognized by private art collectors such as Royal Families of Saudi Arabia, Japan, Morocco, and United Arab Emirates. He has graduate from Sorbonne, Paris.

    Ivan A. Tomicic
    Born in Zagreb, Croatia, Ivan Tomicic was raised in the shadow of Grand Masters. His education includes the University of Zagreb (Master of Fine Arts) and College of Applied Arts (Bachelors Degree of Applied Arts). Now a resident of Maui, Hawaii, Ivan is fully devoted to further creation of fine art. A disciplined passion directs his talent resulting in artistic expressions that span art forms with nuanced skill. A master of mediums, Ivan applies finely-tuned skills to two principal techniques, oil and water color.

    Michael Jerome Bashaw
    sculptor/musician, is known for his Sound Sculpture concerts, installations, collaborations, as well as fine art. In the area of fine art, Michael designed "Continental Harmony," a cast, polished bronze sculpture, which is part of the Dayton Peace Prize. This prize is awarded by the "Dayton; A Peace Process" committee annually. The first prize was given to President Bill Clinton at the Balkan Summit Conference Dinner held at the U.S. Air Force Museum November 18, 2000. Subsequently, in 2004, an additional casting of "Continental Harmony" was made, when the Dayton Peace Prize was awarded to Richard Holbrooke on the 10th anniversary of the signing of the Dayton Peace Accords. Other recent commissions include: Haiku Landscape in the private collection of Steve & Lou Mason (2002); and Wings/Lift Compounded for the City of Oakwood, OH to commemorate the 100th anniversary of flight (2003). Michaels sculpture Sound Chamber, in Troy, OH is included in the Smithsonian Art Museum Inventories of American Painting and Sculpture online. This work was also included in the International Contemporary Art Fair Symposium in Yokohoma, Japan. In the area of music, two pieces of music from the Fallingwater Suite, of which Michael is co-composer, were orchestrated by friend and colleague, Dino Zonic, and performed in April, 2002 with the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra. These pieces were part of the award-winning repertoire which earned the Dayton Philharmonic first prize for Contemporary Programming from the American Symphony Orchestra League and ASCAP in June 2002. Bashaw's Sound Sculptures are large-scale, welded steel instruments, which Michael and his ensemble have played in concert for many years. Gerard Nicollet wrote about the Sound Sculptures in his article in the dossier nouvelle lutherie, "Ecouter Voir," n.124- Avril 2002.

    Velimir Trnski
    From an early age, painting has been his preoccupation. Having studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, he did postgraduate studies in graphic art at the Rietveld Academy of Amsterdam. Through constant traveling he enriched his knowledge by getting acquainted with old painting technologies, which he skillfully placed as a counterpoint to new materials and ideas.Trnski says that he paints his own life. On his portraits, actual or factious, he doesn't primarily deal with female faces, but he makes a contrast between the thick substance of color and manifold transparent coats of paint. The drawing that functions as the skeleton of the composition, consists of lines in relief and ornaments, which are later covered by thin layers of paint or golden leafs. In recent years applications of old banknotes appeared as a new means of expression and exploration. Trnski "glues" dreams and reality on the faces of his models, at the same time almost scientifically exploring the surface of the canvas. Rational and irrational, past and contemporary, expressively wild in handwriting and photographically realistic, poetical as the smoke and fundamental as the earth is - those are the main characteristics of the painting of Velimir Trnski. Trnski has so far had 91 personal and group exhibitions in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Croatia, USA, Ex Yugoslavia and France. Since 1985 he lives and works in Paris.

                                                      Annette Marino, Dino Zonic, Lila Sadafi

    WGN will be advertising  the Golden Karma Awards all day Tuesday and Wednesday.. of next week.. Monday 25th entertainment tonight will do some coverage on the Golden Karma Awards In Phoenix channel 3 6pm mountain time, LA channel 2, 7pm Pacific time otherwise check you listings. Also, the auction  will be during the broadcast on the 27th,  and 48 hours after the broadcast. Many wonderful donations were given.. they will be ready  on Tuesday for us to view and make sure everything is set to go.on..

    Becky Garrigus/Success for Good

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    • Comment #1 (Posted by Becky Garrigus)

      Name: Becky Garrigus
      Subject: how to
      Question/Comment: for the viewers of the GKA Auction..go to givinghearts and click on home and then on the left side of the page scroll down and click on Succcess For Good and it will take you to our Auction...To your Success..

      Thank You Becky
    • Comment #2 (Posted by Zeljka M.Corak)

      Miki Vucic, my cousin, was the owner of a Berber. It is amazing to see here but in real life there is something more. Hey, Miki u raju sjecas se kad sam hjela ga kupit...a ti si mi dao razglednicu Hodalicevog kamena.
    • Comment #3 (Posted by kimoro2003)

      A highly recommended site is for online auctions. They are the new ebay. Many smaller sites like this offer buyers far better deals than ebay ever could. Buyser also save a ton because this site charges little or nothing depending on the day. One more reaso I like is because they don't take a part of the sale at all. No commissions or final value fees. A
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