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IGOR SUNARA, Director of Photography, H.F.S.
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  12/5/2006 | People | Unrated
Igor Sunara, a great, talent, attitude and integrity.

Igor Sunara

IGOR SUNARA                  

Director of Photography, H.F.S.


345 East 65th Street, # 2B    New York City, NY 10021      (P) 212 439 1569       (E)


FEATURES     The Mercy of the Sea  2003  (War refugees)

(selected list)   Dir/Prds Jakov & Dominic Sedlar, Wr/ Paul Gronseth

                        Cast: Martin Sheen, Rene Estevez, David Wike      

                        Peroxide Passion  2001 Romantic comedy(Silver - Houston Film Fest

Dir/Monty Diamond, Wr/David Atkins, Prd/Robert Colesberry.

                        Cast: James Tupper, Lorri Bagley    

                        Cetverored  1999   (Post WWII-Action/Drama)

                        Dir/Prd Jakov Sedlar,  Prd; Croatia Film, & HTV.                                          

                        Cast: Ena Begovic, Ivan Marevic, Goran Navojec

                        On The Run  1998  (Open Palm Gotham 2000 Award Nominee)

                        Dir/Prd Bruno de Almeida, Wr/Joe Minion.

Cast: Michael Imperiolli, John Ventimiglia, Nick Sandow 

                        Somewhere In The City  1997   (Srewball comedy) 

                        Dir/Wr/Prd Ramin Niami, Prd/Karen Robson.

                        Cast: Sandra Benhard, Bai Ling, Ornela Mutti, Peter Stormare, John Burke

                        The Keeper  1996 (Drama) Sundance, Indnt Spirit Award Finalist

                        Dir/Wr/Prd Joe Brewster, Prd/Jordi Torrent, Forrest Murray.

Cast: Giancarlo Esposito, Regina Taylor, Isaach De Bankole

Misplaced  1992  (Drama) PBS, Toronto, Deauville-1st prize

Dir/Wr Louis Yansen, Wr/Thomas DeWolfe, Prd/Lisa Zwerling.

                        Cast: John Cameron Mitchel, Viveca Lindfors, Elzbieta Czyzewska

                        Erotic Tales  1996 (Segment: Wroom, Wroom, Wroom)  

Dir Melvin Van Peebles, ExPrd/Regina Zeigler.     

                        Cast: Richard Barbaroza, Dewar Zazee, Laura Lane, Kim Smith 

Tripwire  1991  (Action)                                                                       

Dir/James Leemo, Prd/Lisa Hansen, Paul Herzberg.                            

Cast: David Warner, Terenc Knox,  Viggo Mortensen, Isabella Hofmann

                        Love or Money  1990 (Romantic comedy)  

Dir/Tood Hallowell, Prd/ Elyse England, Salah Hassanein.

                        Cast: Timothy Daly, Michael Garin, Haviland Morris, Shelley Fabares

2nd  UNIT       Cop Land  1998  Dir/James Mangold. DP Eric Edwards   

                        Cast: Silvester Stallone, Robert De Nero, Harvey Keitel, Ray Liotta          


TV / CABLE  Till Death Do Us Part   2006.  Dir/ Jeff Liberman, Pilot, Court-TV

Heart Of A Legend - Chico OFarrill  2001  Dir/Prd Jorge Ulla

                        Of Penguins & Peacocks  2000  Dir/Wr Jo Ann Tedesco Clyton           

                        Il Giardino Armonico 1999 Dir/Paul Fenkart, Prd/B.Fleischer.


SHORT           Landscapers Daughter 2006. Dir/ Derek Curl, Prod/ Reeves Lehmann


DOCUM-        American Dream  1990   Oskar,  (additional)  Dir/Barbara Kopple.

ENTARIES      World of Eliot Porter  1988   Dir/Amertat Cohn.                       


MUSIC VS     Bon Jovi, Diana Ross, Whitney Houston, Rod Stewart, Dolly

(selected list)   Parton, Liza Minelli, Barry Manilow, Notorious BIG, Lil Kim.


EDUCATION    BA, Honours in Film and TV. University of Westminster, UK.

Liza Minnelli and Igor Sunara

Contact Igor:
Telephone: 212 439 1569 (New York, USA)


There is more to this story than "just" an impressive curriculum vitae, as well. Igor is a vibrant member of the New York, Croatian American community. True professional, with great talent, attitude and integrity. Loved by all who know him.

Nenad Bach

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