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Tony Peraica in race for Cook County Board president. Who is Tony Peraica?
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  10/31/2006 | Politics , Events | Unrated
Peraica leading

Who is Tony Peraica?

Born 49 years ago in Croatia, Tony came to America at the age of 13, after losing both of his parents, unable to speak a word of English.

Despite his circumstances, Tony persevered and went on to earn his B.A. in Political Science form the University of Illinois at Chicago and J.D. from The John Marshall Law School. Tony was admitted to the Illinois Bar in 1984. Over the ensuing 20 years, Tony built a thriving law practice. In addition to his professional pursuits, Tony has stayed very involved in his community.

From 1990 to 1992 he served as a Special Assistant for the Attorney General of Illinois. He founded the South Loop Chamber of Commerce in 1990 and is currently the Commerce Secretary. From 1995 to 1997, Tony served as the International Vice President for the Boy Scouts of America. In 1996, Tony was appointed by former Governor Jim Edgar to the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation where he served four years.

Tony is very proud of his ethnic heritage. He served as the National President of the Croatian American Association for 5 years (1992 - 1995 and 1997) and is currently the Illinois President. In 2000, Peraica was honored as the "Man of the Year" by the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights.

Tony sought county offices previously as the Republican nominee for Cook County Treasurer in 1998. In the 2002 primary, Tony was elected as they Lyons Township Republican Committeeman. Later that year, he was elected to the 16th District seat on the Cook County Board of Commissioners where he has served since 2003.

Tony credits his accomplishments to the support of Nilo, his loving wife of 26 years, and his two wonderful children, Marko and Anisa. He and his family live in Riverside, Illinois.

Poll: Peraica leading Todd Stroger

Voters may be on the verge of electing the first Republican Cook County Board president in 40 years. An exclusive new poll shows Tony Peraica leading Todd Stroger. The poll was conducted by ABC7 and The Daily Herald.Alderman Todd Stroger, who replaced his ailing father on the Democratic party ballot, is twice as well known to the voters in our poll as Republican County Commissioner Tony Peraica. But, by the same margin of more than 2-to-1, the same voters have a negative opinion of Stroger, and a lot of them are Democrats who wanted Forrest Claypool on the ballot this fall. So, they are supporting Peraica, who may be on the verge of one of the biggest upsets in Cook County history. Republican Tony Peraica is leading Todd Stroger by 9 percentage points over Democrat Todd Stroger in our exclusive poll, 51-to-42, with 7 percent undecided, and a 6 percent margin of error. So, it could be closer, but the message from the voters is clear, according to pollster Richard Day. "It says that they are extraordinarily underwhelmed by Todd Stroger," said Richard Day, ABC7 Daily Herald pollster ...The numbers tell the story: Stroger is only getting 57 percent of the Democratic vote to Peraica's 34. Democrats, who don't have a strong party affiliation, are backing Peraica by a margin of 55-to-35. Many of them supported Democrat Forrest Claypool in the primary against Todd Stroger's father John and they resent the way the Democratic party handled the information about John Stroger's serious stroke, and then maneuvered his son onto the ballot to replace him without even considering Claypool ...On a favorability scale of 1-to-10 the ailing John Stroger is a respectable 5.6. But Todd is all the way down at 4.0.

--Andy Shaw, ABC 7 Chicago, October 30, 2006

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