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New York: Croatian Film Screenings 'WHAT IVA RECORDED' by Tomislav Radic
By Ante Katalinic | Published  09/28/2006 | Events , Culture And Arts | Unrated
New York: Croatian Film Screenings 'WHAT IVA RECORDED' by Tomislav Radic


The Doors Art Foundation


Upcoming film screenings at the

Two Boots Pioneer Theater
every first and last Thursday of the month

Thursday, September 28th, 2006 @ 7PM



OCTOBER 21st 2003

Sto je Iva snimila 21. listopada 2003.

2005, HRT, Korus, Croatia 92 MIN
Director: Tomislav Radic

Cast: Anja Sovagovic-Despot, Ivo Gregurevic, Boris Svrtan, Barbara Prpic, Adam Koncic, Karl Menrad, Masha Mati Prodan

Croatian (English subtitles)

Two Boots Pioneer Theater

 is located at:
155 East 3rd Street (at Avenue A) / NYC / (212) 591-0434
Tickets: $10.00 adults, $6.50 members

Seating is limited so we encourage you to buy your tickets in advance.


The Doors Art Foundation is proud to present monthly screenings featuring a selection of films from the Croatian cinema of the last decade.  




When Iva uses her new camera to record her fifteenth birthday party, she reveals her bourgeoisie family to itself in surprising and disturbing ways. As she ecstatically turns the lens on herself and her family to document every moment of the celebration, what ultimately manifests out of the footage is a microcosmic snapshot of Croatian culture as personified through the actions of her squabbling and argumentative, but ultimately loving and affectionate family. Soon she's shooting everything in sight, including her mother's bouts with the bottle, a major family row, and the professional 'escort' who shows up as her uncle Darko's date. The party's long-awaited special guest, a German businessman Iva's dad hopes to hit up for money, turns the tables on his hosts as this cinema verity drama skids into caustic comedy on a raft of mishaps.

- For V train to
Lower East Side / Second Avenue. Exit toward 1st Avenue. Walk north (away from Houston) to 3rd street, then east just past Avenue A to 155 East 3rd.
- 9 or 21 bus to
Houston Street and Avenue A. Walk north to 3rd Street. Turn east and go a few doors down to 155 East 3rd.
- 14A bus to 3rd street and Avenue A.
- The 8 and 15 buses also come relatively close, as do these trains: 6 (Bleecker Street station), B and D (Grand Street), JMZ (Delancey / Essex), and L (1st Ave).

We look forward to seeing you there.
For more info, please visit

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