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Photo Exhibition "Silence and the Sea"
By Marko Puljić | Published  09/20/2006 | Events , Culture And Arts | Unrated
Croatian Photographers on Display

Photo Exhibition "Silence and the Sea" 


Feric Atelier -an Innovative Debut in Connecticut at The Lockwood -Mathews Mansion Museum

September 29th 2006 will be a savvy evening for fine art photography in Norwalk.

A gala event takes place at the museum mansion already known for unique offerings to the Fairfield Community. This will be the first time Marjorie St. Albyn, Ph.D. and the director of Lockwood -Mathews has invited a photography gallery to show in this landmark setting.

Feric Atelier will open "Silence and Sea" with the recent work of Tonci Coric and Lorence Ferich. Curated by the gallery's owner and director Arlene Reitzfeld-Feric this will mark a forward step into the future of art presentations for the museum.

The Feric Atelier which represents emerging and established American and European photographers, travels to unique settings outside the big city communities and exhibits works of internationally recognized contemporary photographers.  Ms. Ferich has embraced the medium of photographer since her own art education and brings a studied view of inspirational and wanderlust in this collection of contrasts on view. From a country bounded by the turquoise Adriatic Sea and a big city of pastel silence one can find interesting similarities in the photos. A preview of the show was hard to pull away from-the intense colors juxtaposed with serenity left one wanting to explore and linger at the poignant messages. The limited editions prints will be sold throughout the shows installation.

A bonus for those who choose to attend the Artist's reception will be a tasting Gala. Food and wine from the Dalmatian and Italian Coastlines will be provided. This event proves to be a vibrant beginning for the Fall Opening of the Art season in Fairfield; and one that no serious photo art collector can afford
to miss. For more information please call The Lockwood- Mathews Mansion Museum 203-838-9799 or log onto

Feric Atelier 845-634-6608

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