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Touring Croatia on a Bicycle
By Marko Puljić | Published  09/3/2006 | Tourism | Unrated
Want to do Something Different with your Croatia Vacation?

Touring Croatia on a bicycle

Monday, 05 Jun 2006 14:34

Increasingly tourists are asking for more from their holidays and gone are the days of merely lying on a beach for two weeks.

Be it helping build a school, going on safari or seeing the country while keeping yourself in shape, there are many options for the more adventurous tourist to enjoy.

Those travelling to Croatia are spoilt for choice when it comes to enjoying rugged, sun-drenched, rural terrain, and one of the best ways of doing this is by bike.

Keeping your calves trim and increasing your blood flow as you gulp in the clean Mediterranean air, there are bike rides in Croatia to suit those of all skill and health levels.

A mountain-bike trail around the small island of Mljet will take you around its large and beautiful national park, testing your mettle with daunting hills before rewarding you with a descent into a haven of lakes.

Once arrived in the lakes, intrepid nature-lovers can take a short boat trip to the seclusion of a monastery on a small island in the middle of one of the lakes.

Or if you are you feeling more adventurous, you can take a week-long cycling tour of the country. Mtb Croatia offers cycle tours, which can see visitors scaling mountain trails, winding through woodland tracks, while stopping to sample local delicacies and Croatian wine, Vrbnicka zlahtina.

On the way you will be able to stay in cosy, welcoming apartments, with small residences for couples and bigger ones for families.

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