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Rear-Admiral J. Robert Lunney: A Portrait of an Honorable American - part 3
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  09/4/2006 | Friends | Unrated
Presentation of the Medal of Honor for Peter Tomich, May 18th 2006 in photos +

Peter Tomich

Peter Tomich sitting in the middle with his fellow Chief Petty Officers

RADM J.Robert Lunney speaks at the ceremony.
...after 9 years of red tape.

RADM Robert A. Rosen, NYNM, Commander, New York Naval Militia

RADM Robert A. Rosen congratulating Lieutenant Colonel Srećko Herzeg

Admiral Harry Ulrich, Commander US Naval Forces Europe with Lieutenant Colonel Srećko Herzeg

Lieutenant Colonel Srećko Herzeg speaks.
Sitting L-R RADM Raymond Spicer, RADM J.Robert Lunney and RADM Robert A. Rosen

Joan G. Lunney, Lieutenant Colonel Srećko Herzeg, RADM J. Robert Lunney. Medal found home.

The Lunney family, honorary Croatians. Mission accomplished. Wife Joan, Admiral, son Alexander.

The media loved Admiral Lunney. And who wouldn't.

Vjekoslav Krsnik, Zvonimir Mihanović, Admiral Lunney.
Friends in action.

Father and son, Robert and Alex Lunney, at ease, after the ceremony. Split, Croatia May 18th 2006

Juliana Velčić with Admiral Lunney

Admiral Lunney spent his time and resources reviewing chruch documents at Franciscan Monastery, Humać

Admiral J. Robert Lunney, Drago Herzeg and Lieutenant Colonel Srećko Herzeg
with superior of Franciscan Monastery, Humać, Bosnia Herzegovina 1997

Admiral Lunney at Peter Tomich's birth place in Prolog, BH with Drago Herzeg

A few relaxing moments in Split, Croatia. Zvonimir Mihanović, Alex Lunney, J.Robert Lunney in 1997

Tomich Hall, US Navy Senior Enlisted Academy, Newport, Rhode Island

Mighty America, USS Enterprise (CVN - 65)

Most of the photographs courtesy of Alexander G. Lunney

Contact Admiral Lunney at

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