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By Nenad N. Bach | Published  08/19/2006 | Media Watch | Unrated
ICTY claiming jurisdiction over a U.S. legal entity

CHICAGO - August 18, 2006: International Criminal Court for Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) shut down US. based website - again. 

After receiving the initial ICTY order requiring that certain articles related to Domagoj Margetic be removed from Ivica Grgic's website and owner of, Mr. Grgic complied with the court order and removed all articles identified by the ICTY as objectionable.

Subsequently, without any notice to Mr. Grgic or our office, the ICTY prosecutors requested from Hostway Corporation to shut down a second time on August 15, 2006.  Mr. Grgic retained our office to represent him and his interests related to this issue regarding the ICTY and Hostway Corporation. 

Our office requested from ICTY prosecutors to a specify legal basis for claiming jurisdiction over a U.S. legal entity.  In addition, we requested a copy of all pleadings they submitted to the ICTY in relation to
Thus far, the office of the prosecutor has indicated that their authority is inherent in the ICTY statue.  Since this legal basis is not apparent from the statue itself nor could it be reasonably deduced from the plain meaning of the statue, our office is taking the necessary preparation to quickly bring this matter to the attention of a competent court in the United States of America.  As of date, the office of the prosecutor has not provided us a copy of the requested pleadings.   

Mr. Grgic is unable to use his domain name because Hostway Corporation is refusing to release it to him. 

We will promptly advise the general public about any further developments in this case involving our fundamental right to freedom of expression and speech and free press.

For Immediate Release

CONTACT: (312) 986-1510
Law Offices of Andjelko Galic
107 W. Van Buren Street
Suite 204 Chicago, IL 60605

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