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(E) Tom Cruise delights Croatians, in Dubrovnik
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  09/8/2004 | Tourism | Unrated
(E) Tom Cruise delights Croatians, in Dubrovnik


Tom delights Croatians


From correspondents in Dubrovnik, Croatia

SOME visitors to the ancient Croatian city of Dubrovnik this week brought back an unexpected souvenir: a photo with Tom Cruise, who came for a brief visit after promoting a new movie at the Venice Film Festival.

Cruise told reporters he was "fascinated" with Dubrovnik, a picturesque southern coastal city, whose ancient walls, fortresses and churches have attracted tourists for decades.

"I'll certainly be back," he was quoted by saying by Tuesday daily newspapers.

He toured the city and the nearby wooded island of Mljet, almost unnoticed.

When reporters spotted him, sitting by the monument of Dubrovnik's famous poet, Ivan Gundulic, he briefly spoke to them, signed autographs and posed for a few photos He agreed to be photographed with a couple of tourists, then slipped away.

Several Croatian newspapers published a photo of Cruise with two female tourists, reportedly from the United States.

Cruise, who was accompanied by his mother, came two days after promoting his new movie, Collateral, at the film festival in neighbouring Italy. He left Croatia earlier today.,5936,10701172%255E10431,00.html


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