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(E) College Basketball, Croatian Style
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  02/19/2002 | Sports | Unrated
(E) College Basketball, Croatian Style
College Basketball, Croatian Style 
From Frank Mustac 
Along with two-time Olympic medalist Janica Kostelic in Utah, there are 
other athletes from Croatia plying their talents on American soil as 
Here are some of the Croatian basketball players who during the 
2001-2002 season have been pounding the hardcourt for some college 
basketball teams in the United States. 
Men players: 
*Jere Macura (#15); Notre Dame University; Hometown: Split, Croatia 
*Ivan Kartelo (#5); Purdue University; Hometown: Split, Croatia 
*Vedran Vukusic (#11); Northwestern University; Hometown: Split, Croatia 
*Davor Duvancic (#31); Northwestern University; Hometown: Split, 
*Karlo Kovacic (#10); San Diego State University; Hometown: Rijeka, 
*Zoran Kos (#40); Southern Connecticut State University; Hometown: 
Rovinj, Croatia 
*Silvije Turkovic (#13); Loyola-Chicago; Hometown: Trogir, Croatia 
*Slaven Smiljanic (#4); Southwest Texas University; Hometown: Sibenik, 
Women players: 
*Lana Labura (#30); Jacksonville University; Hometown: Zagreb, Croatia 
*Matea Pender; University of Maryland, Baltimore County; Hometown: 
Sibenik, Croatia 
*Iva Zoretic (#5); Norwich University (Northfield, Vermont); Hometown: 
Rijeka, Croatia 
*Nikolina Pender; Duquesne University (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Hometown: 
Sibenik, Croatia 
*Ivana Stojkovic (#13); New Mexico State University; Hometown: Split, 
Men Players 
Notre Dame University Fighting Irish 
Jere Macura (Number 15) 
Class: Junior 
Hometown: Split, Croatia 
Height / Weight: 6-9 / 230 
Position: Forward 
Remaining Notre Dame men's basketball schedule: 
Wed 02/20/2002; vs. West Virginia; 7:30 PM ET; Notre Dame, Ind. 
Sat 02/23/2002; vs. Miami Fla.; 7:30 PM ET; Coral Gables, Fla. 
Wed 02/27/2002; vs. St. John's; 7:30 PM ET; Jamaica, N.Y. 
Sat 03/02/2002; vs. Providence; 4:00 PM ET; Notre Dame, Ind. 
BIG EAST Championship; Wed 03/06/2002 through Sat 03/09/2002; Madison 
Square Garden, N.Y., N.Y. 
Purdue University Boilermakers 
Ivan Kartelo (Number 5) 
Class: Junior 
Hometown: Split, Croatia 
Height / Weight: 6-11 / 247 
Remaining Purdue men's basketball schedule: 
Wed 02/20/2002; vs. Northwestern; 9:00 PM ET; Evanston, Ill. 
Sat 02/23/2002; vs. Ohio St; 8:00 PM ET; Columbus, OH 
Sat 03/02/2002; vs. Penn State; 12:17 PM ET; W. Lafayette, Ind. 
Big Ten Tournament; Thu 03/07/2002 through Sun 03/10/2002; Indianapolis, 
Northwestern University 
Vedran Vukusic (Number 11) 
Class: Freshman 
Hometown: Split, Croatia 
Height / Weight: 6-8 / 220 
Position: Forward 
Davor Duvancic (Number 31) 
Class: Freshman 
Hometown: Split, Croatia 
Height / Weight: 6-7 / 210 
Position: Forward 
Remaining Northwestern men's basketball schedule: 
Wed 02/20/2002; vs. Purdue; 8:00 PM CT; Evanston, Ill. 
Sat 02/23/2002; vs. Illinois; 1:30 PM CT; Evanston, Ill. 
Wed 02/27/2002; vs. Minnesota; 7:00 PM CT; Minneapolis, Minn. 
Sat 03/02/2002; vs. Indiana; 1:30 PM CT; Bloomington, Ind. 
Big Ten Tournament; Thu 03/07/2002 through Sun 03/10/2002; Indianapolis, 
San Diego State University 
Karlo Kovacic (Number 10) 
Class: Senior 
Hometown: Rijeka, Croatia 
Height / Weight: 6-5 / 196 
Position: Guard 
Remaining San Diego State men's basketball schedule: 
Mon 02/18/2002; vs. Wyoming; 7:00 PM MT; Laramie, Wyo. 
Sat 02/23/2002; vs. UNLV; 7:35 PM PT; Las Vegas, Nev. 
Thu 02/28/2002; vs. New Mexico; 8:05 PM PT; Cox Arena 
Sat 03/02/2002; vs. Air Force; 6:35 PM PT; Cox ArenaThu 
MWC Tournament starts 03/07/2002; Las Vegas, Nev. 
Southern Connecticut State University 
Zoran Kos (Number 40) 
Class: Senior 
Hometown: Rovinj, Croatia 
Height / Weight: 6-8 / 235 
Position: Forward/Center 
Remaining Southern Connecticut men's basketball schedule: 
Mon. Feb.18; at St. Anselm; 7:30 p.m. 
Wed. Feb. 20; vs. Le Moyne; 7:30 p.m.; at Moore Fieldhouse 
Northeast-10 Conference Tournament 
Loyola-Chicago University 
Silvije Turkovic (Number 13) 
Class: Senior 
Hometown: Trogir, Croatia 
Height / Weight: 6-10 / 240 
Position: Center 
Southwest Texas University 
Slaven Smiljanic (Number 4) 
Class: Senior 
Hometown: Sibenik, Croatia 
Height / Weight: 6'4" / 200 
Position: Guard 
Remaining Southwest Texas men's basketball schedule: 
Feb. 21; vs. Southeastern Louisiana; 7:00 pm; Hammond, Louisiana 
Feb. 23; vs. Nicholls State; 7:15 pm; Thibodaux, Louisiana 
Feb. 26; vs. Texas-Arlington; 7:30 pm; Arlington, Texas 
March 2; vs. Texas-San Antonio; 4:00 pm; Hme at San 
Strahan Coliseum 
March 4, 6, 9; SLC Tournament 
Women Players 
Jacksonville University 
Lana Labura (Number 30) 
Class: Senior 
Hometown: Zagreb, Croatia 
Height: 6-0 
Position: Forward 
Remaining Jacksonville University women's basketball schedule: 
2/21/2002; vs. UCF; 7:00 PM ET; at Orlando, Fla. 
02/23/2002; vs. Florida Atlantic; 3:00 PM ET; at Boca Raton, FL 
02/28/2002; vs. Mercer; 7:00 PM ET; at Jacksonville, Fla. 
03/02/2002; vs. Troy State; 2:00 PM ET; Jacksonville, Fla. 
03/07/2002; Atlantic Sun Tournament; Troy, Ala. 
University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) 
Matea Pender 
Class: Freshman 
Hometown: Sibenik, Croatia 
Height: 6-1 
Position: Guard 
Remaining UMBC women's basketball schedule: 
Feb 18; Quinnipiac University; 7:00 PM; Home (Rac Arena) 
Feb 21; at St. Francis (NY); 7:00 PM; (Brooklyn, NY) 
Feb 23; at Sacred Heart; 2:00 PM; Fairfield, CT 
Mar 2-Mar 4; NEC Tournament 
Norwich University (Northfield, Vermont) 
Iva Zoretic (Number 5) 
Hometown: Rijeka, Croatia 
Height: 5' 8 ˝" 
Position: Guard 
Duquesne University (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 
Nikolina Pender 
Class: Junior 
Hometown: Sibenik, Croatia 
Height: 6-0 
Position: Forward 
Remaining Duquesne women's basketball schedule: 
Feb. 22; at Xavier; 7:00 pm 
Feb. 24; at Dayton; 12:00 pm 
Mar. 1-4; Atlantic 10 Championship at temple University in Philadelphia 
New Mexico State University 
Ivana Stojkovic (Number 13) 
Class: Freshman 
Hometown: Split, Croatia 
Height: 6-2 
Position: Forward 
Go out and support our Croatian talent. It is time well spent. 
Nenad Bach 
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