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(E) Janicia Kostelic, WORLD CHAMPION, wins combined gold
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  02/10/2003 | Sports | Unrated
(E) Janicia Kostelic, WORLD CHAMPION, wins combined gold
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Janicia Kostelic, Champion of the World, 

WinsCombined Gold

Croatia's Janica Kostelic skis to the gold medal in the Women'sCombined at the World Alpine Ski Championships in St. Moritz, Switzerland MondayFeb. 10, 2003. (AP Photo/Alessandro Trovati)

Croatia's gold medal winner Janica Kostelic, center, is flankedby Austria's Nicole Hosp, left, who took the silver, and Switzerland's MarliesOester, who took the bronze, during the flower ceremony for the Women's Combinedat the World Alpine Ski Championships in St. Moritz, Switzerland Monday Feb. 10,2003. (AP Photo/Rudi Blaha)

Janica Kostelic of Croatia in action during the downhill part ofthe women's combined event at the World Alpine Skiing Championships in St.Moritz, Switzerland, on February 10, 2003. Kostelic clocked the 12th fastesttime in the downhill in one minute, 18.81 seconds. REUTERS/Marcus Gyger

FIS Alpine World Championships
Janicia Kostelic wins combined gold in duel with Austria's Nicole Hosp
St. Moritz, Switzerland
February 10, 2003 

Nicole Hosp of Austria, just 19, picked up her first world championship medal, silver in the women's combined.

Janica Kostelic of Croatia ripped through the second run of the women's combined slalom Monday at St. Moritz, Switzerland, to take the combined gold, her first world championship medal. 

Kostelic, the overall World Cup leader, had the fastest second run by 0.11 seconds, and needed it to hold off Austrian teenager Nicole Hosp, who also won her first World Championship medal. she finished 0.06 seconds back. Hosp, 19, had been leading after the first run of slalom. The bronze medal went to Marlies Oester of Switzerland, 2.20 seconds out, giving the home team three medals in the last three events. 

For the U.S. team, Julia Mancuso had the top finish, in seventh place. Another U.S. junior racer, Resi Stiegler, finished 10th in her World Championship debut. Caroline Lalive was 13th. 

In 12th place after the combined downhill section, Kostelic moved through the field in the two slalom runs, much as the USA's Bode Miller had done en route to his gold in the men's combined, to clinch victory with a time of 2:41.63. 

Kostelic, 21, who suffered a career-threatening knee injury in this Swiss resort in 1999, was hampered by pain from the same knee throughout the event and needed painkillers before the morning downhill. After her typically aggressive second slalom run, she clutched her knee in obvious discomfort. 

FIS Alpine World Championships 

Women's Combined 
St. Moritz, Switzerland 
Feb. 10, 2003 
1. Janica Kostelic (Croatia) 2:41.63 (downhill 1:18.81/slalom first leg 41.52/ slalom second leg 41.30) 
2. Nicole Hosp (Austria) 2:41.69 (1:18.25/41.91/41.53) 
3. Marlies Oester (Switzerland) 2:43.83 (1:19.48/42.25/42.10) 
4. Marlies Schild (Austria) 2:43.85 (1:19.83/42.61/41.41) 
5. Maria Riesch (Germany) 2:44.60 (1:18.38/43.91/42.31) 
6. Martina Ertl (Germany) 2:45.02 (1:20.15/42.27/42.60) 
7. Julia Mancuso (U.S.) 2:45.30 (1:18.69/44.05/42.56) 
8. Jessica Lindell-Vikarby (Sweden) 2:45.31 (1:18.18/44.62/42.51) 
9. Sarka Zahrobska (Czech Republic) 2:45.51 (1:19.68/44.13/41.70) 
10. Resi Stiegler (U.S.) 2:45.65 (1:19.93/43.96/41.76) 
11. Emily Brydon (Canada) 2:45.84 (1:18.77/44.54/42.53) 
12. Lea Dabic (Slovenia) 2:45.98 (1:18.73/44.61/42.64) 
13. Caroline LaLive (U.S.) 2:46.70 (1:19.14/44.12/43.44) 
14. Genevieve Simard (Canada) 2:46.82 (1:19.24/44.46/43.12) 
15. Fraenzi Aufdenblatten (Switzerland) 2:47.49 (1:18.80/45.30/43.39) 
16. Carolina Ruiz Castillo (Spain) 2:49.13 (1:19.87/45.69/43.57) 
17. Maria Belen Simari Birkner (Argentina) 2:49.67 (1:21.40/45.28/42.99) 
18. Hedda Berntsen (Norway) 2:49.93 (1:21.66/45.22/43.05) 
19. Dagny Kristjansdottir (Iceland) 2:51.67 (1:19.54/47.51/44.62) 
20. Kelly Vanderbeek (Canada) 2:52.84 (1:18.67/48.19/45.98) 
21. Macarena Simari Birkner (Argentina) 2:54.40 (1:21.58/48.22/44.60) 
DNF SL 2nd: 
Rowena Bright (Australia) 
Isabelle Huber (Germany) 
DNS SL 1st: 
Karen Putzer (Italy) 
DNF SL 1st: 
Jana Staffenova (Slovakia) 
Catherine Borghi (Switzerland) 
Janette Hargin (Sweden) 
Christine Sponring (Austria) 
DSQ SL 1st: 
Chimene Alcott (Britain) 
Jonna Mendes (U.S.) 
Isolde Kostner (Italy). 


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