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(E) The Register published Hilda Foley's letter
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  01/2/2006 | Published Articles | Unrated
(E) The Register published Hilda Foley's letter


Croatia -Why call it frontier region ?

Letters to the Editor
cc: Foreign News Editor
The Orange County Register
Santa Ana, Ca.

Dear Editor:

Re: 'Croat enters not guilty plea' news article, (12/13/05):

Just what is meant by the statement 'frontier region', in the article
'Croat enters not-guilty plea', (News, Dec13)? This Croatian area was last called the 'frontier region'
during the 400 years of wars between Croatia, as part of Austria-Hungary, and the conquering
Ottoman Turks. It was the border of Christendom and Islam. Serbs think that because they were in the majority in some areas of this so-called Krajina region of  Croatia, mainly after the WWII influx, that they could proclaim it their
independent 'Republic of Serb Krajina', which does not border on Serbia - and never did. They
occupied it by force with the help of the Yugoslav-Serb army in 1991, ethnically cleansing the
entire Croatian population, while looting and burning their homes and committing untold atrocities. More
than 140 mass graves attest to these massacres. Croatian General Ante Gotovina, leading the Croatian
army and with the quiet assistance of the United States Government, liberated that area and is
most responsible for also bringing an end to the war in Bosnia.


Hilda M. Foley
13272 Orange Knoll
North Tustin, CA 92705
714 832-0289

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