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(E) Chinese, Croatian Presidents Hail Bilateral Ties
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  05/16/2002 | Politics | Unrated
(E) Chinese, Croatian Presidents Hail Bilateral Ties


Chinese, Croatian Presidents Hail Bilateral Ties

Jiang Zemin and Stjepan Mesic

Xinhuanet 2002-05-16 23:12:05

BEIJING, May 16 (Xinhuanet) -- Chinese President Jiang Zemin held 

talks in Beijing on Thursday with visiting Croatian President 
Stjepan Mesic, hailing the steady progress in Sino-Croat 
friendship. During the talks, Jiang said in the past decade since the two 
counties established diplomatic relations, the ties between China 
and Croatia had steadily grown, mutual political trust had 
improved and cooperation in economic and scientific fields, 
culture, education and tourism had become closer.
China and Croatia supported each other in international 
organizations and "we have become good partners in equality, 
mutual trust and mutually beneficial cooperation," Jiang said.
While extending his appreciation for Croatia's adhering to the 
one-China principle, Jiang said China attached importance to Sino-
Croat friendship, and was willing to elevate ties to a higher 
level based on the principles of a joint statement the two leaders
signed. Jiang put forward four proposals for promoting bilateral ties 
in the new century: Firstly, to strengthen political dialogue at various levels to 
improve mutual political trust, and to seek mutual understanding 
and support on major issues of benefit to each country.
Secondly, to actively expand economic cooperation and trade 
between the two sides. Thirdly, to widen mutually beneficial cooperation in various 
fields including culture, education, science and medicine, to 
study the possibility of cooperation in finance and accelerate the
process of making Croatia a tourism destination for Chinese 
citizens. Fourthly, to expand local government exchanges between both 
countries plus private exchanges. 

Mesic briefly explained Croatia's foreign and domestic 
policies and views on the situation in Southeast Europe.
Jiang said Croatia had important influence in middle and 
eastern Europe, and China was glad to see Croatia enjoying a 
stable society and booming economy, as well as improved living 
conditions for its people, developing sound ties with its 
neighbors, and playing an active role in regional and 
international affairs. China respected the development route and policies Croatia 
chose based on its domestic state, understood the efforts Croatia 
made in the integration of Europe, and appreciated the plural 
foreign policy of Croatia, said Jiang.
Of the current international situation, Jiang said China agreed
with democratic international ties and held that all countries no 
matter whether big or small, rich or poor, strong or weak, were 
equal members of the international community, and had equal rights
to participate in international affairs. Jiang said the diversity of the world should be expected. Each country had the right to choose its own development route to suit 
its domestic conditions, and existing differences in social 
systems and values should not be regarded as barriers to 
developing ties between countries.
No country could be allowed to establish hegemonism and 
interfere in other countries' internal affairs, Jiang added.
Jiang stated China's stance on anti-terrorism, noting that no 
other international or regional organizations could take the place
of the United Nation whose authority and importance made it the 
most popular international organization in the world. 
Jiang hoped the leading role of the U.N. in international 
affairs, including the fight against terrorism would be further 

Mesic hailed China's achievements in reform and opening up to 
the outside world, adding that Croatia attached great importance 
to the positive role China played in international affairs as a 
permanent member of the UN Security Council.
Mesic said the distance between Croatia and China would not 
influence bilateral cooperation in various fields, and hoped the 
two countries, both as members of the World Trade Organization (
WTO), would improve cooperation in the new century.
Mesic added that Croatia adhered to the "One China" policy, and
agreed to fight terrorism through the U.N..
After the talks, the two sides signed the Joint Statement of 
the People's Republic of China and the Republic of Croatia on 
Deepening Their Relationship through Mutually Beneficial 
Cooperation. They also signed an Agreement on Scientific Co-operation 
Between the Croatian Academy of Science and Arts and the Chinese 
Academy of Engineering and the Agreement on Establishment of 
Friendly Economic and Trade Partnership Between Liaoning Province 
of P.R.China and Primorsko-Goranska County of Republic of Croatia.
Before the talks, Jiang presided a welcome ceremony for Mesic.

China, Croatia Issue Joint Statement of Cooperation 

Xinhuanet 2002-05-17 00:28:03 

BEIJING, May 16 (Xinhuanet) -- Chinese President Jiang Zemin and
visiting Croatian President Stjepan Mesic signed a Joint Statement
on Thursday aimed at improving Sino-Croat cooperation after talks 
in Beijing.
The statement, titled the Joint Statement of the People's 
Republic of China and the Republic of Croatia on Strengthening 
Their Relationship with Mutually Beneficial Cooperation, said that
Jiang and Mesic shared similar views on issues covered during 
their talks.
It said China and Croatia were both dedicated to world peace 
and believed it was necessary to narrow the gap between developed 
and developing countries. Terrorism posed a danger to all 
countries in the world and solutions should be sought to deal with
the issue, it said.
The statement listed eight points as follows:

1. The two sides are satisfied with the friendly cooperation 
between them since they established diplomatic relations ten years
ago. They are willing to abide by comprehensively-accepted 
international rules and develop bilateral ties plus ties with 
other countries on the basis of the Five Principles of Peaceful Co-

2. The two sides are willing to strengthen dialogue at various 
levels and exchange views on bilateral ties, reform, development 
and the international situation on various levels. 

3. The two sides are satisfied with sustained growth in 
economic cooperation and trade between them, and are willing to 
improve mutually beneficial cooperation in accordance with market
economy principles.

4. The two sides welcome and totally support exchanges and 
cooperation in science, culture, education, medicine, tourism, 
sports and other fields.

5. Croatia will continue to adhere to the one-China principle 
and China appreciates the efforts made by Croatia in joining 
Europe's integration process. China believes Croatia plays a 
positive role in safeguarding regional stability.

6. The two sides agree that all countries, whether big or small,
rich or poor, are equal in the international community, and should
enjoy equal rights in participating in international affairs. The 
two are willing to join with the international community to 
promote the establishment of a just and rational new international

7. The two sides stress the importance of the United Nations as
it is the most important inter-governmental organization, and are 
willing to strengthen its leading role in handling international 
relations. The two will honor the tenet and principles of the UN 
Charter, and are willing to continue cooperation in the UN and 
other international organizations.

8. the two sides believe terrorism poses a serious danger to 
civilization, and support the fight against terrorism of any form.
They hold that dual standards should not be adopted in fighting 
terrorism, international cooperation should be pursued and the 
role of the United Nations should be recognized. Enditem

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