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(E) Seven Croatian Seamen Safe
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  06/8/2003 | News | Unrated
(E) Seven Croatian Seamen Safe


Seven CroatianSeamen Safe

EVENING NEWS 7.6.2003.
Ship Benty Leaves Monrovia - All Crew Members Fine
The merchant ship Benty that has seven Croatian seamen aboard
is sailing for the Canary Islands after it had left the Liberian
capital of Monrovia last night as it got in cross-fire between
the government and rebel forces. The ship is now sailing for
Las Palmas where it should be in nine days time. All crewmembers
are alive and well, although somewhat undernourished due to
lack of food.
HNS Presents a Justice System Reform Program
The HNS party has presented in Zagreb its Justice system reform
program entitled Better, Faster Justice. This is a program it
will showcase at the next parliamentary elections. The program
has been drawn up by lawyer Anto Nobilo. Among other elements,
the program envisages a sharp rise in the fees needed to be
paid for a court proceeding to begin.
Sibenik is Declared A City of Culture of the Republic of Croatia
At a ceremony held in Sibenik on Saturday, the town was declared
by the Culture Minister a city of culture of the Republic of
Croatia, following an initiative of the town of Sibenik last
month. This has come about due to Sibenik's hefty investments
in culture, the cultural heritage and monuments and historical
heritage. This is the first such town in Croatia.

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