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(E) Happy Thanksgiving Holiday from Swiss Alpes
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  11/25/2001 | Miscellaneous | Unrated
(E) Happy Thanksgiving Holiday from Swiss Alpes
Dear friends in north America and elsewhere, 
It is probably appropriate that a friend, who lives in Europe, 
and who does understand the culture and the ambiance 
you live in, wishes you from the depth of his human heart: 
Happy Thanksgiving Holiday! 
How many happy Thanksgivings have I spent in north America 
with people of different creed, race or background ... 
So, it is with such a Spirit of Love and Sharing that I offer these 
few words -- how little, yet how precious in this day and age ... 
Today, we should pardon ... first of all -- to our own little selves! 
Yes, to ourselves, as we are most of the time our own worst enemies ... 
And then, we shall send our love and thanks to all our friends 
and pardon to all our enemies. Yes, we shall pardon our enemies. 
It is difficult, sometimes almost impossible, but please let's do it. 
We should live in Love only, yet, we all live in our own 'web' surrounded 
by various shades of fear, and it creates troubles, tragedies or terror ... 
So, spend few minutes tonight and first pardon yourself 
and all your loved ones and then remember EVERYBODY you 
ever met or whose trace you crossed in your life ... 
... and send them all your unselfish Love from your heart: 
... and tell everybody that it's a miracle that we can ALL share 
THIS - together - whatever THIS, i.e. Miracle of Life, means to you: 
- the proof -- read again these written words on the screen ... 
It is the Thanksgivings evening already here in Switzerland: 
my children, Marko and Ana, are lighting candles and the dinner 
is soon going to be served ... 
... yet, before I join my own sweet little family, 
let me greet you all, my 'invisible', Internet-family: 
With Thanks -enjoy- Giving Your Love to All, 
Montreux, Switzerland 
I will join Davor and Wish you all Happy ThanksforGiving. Dan Zahvalnosti. 
New York, USA 
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