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(E) Promoting Croatia in the tourism/cultural field LETTER
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  04/13/2002 | Letters to the Editors | Unrated
(E) Promoting Croatia in the tourism/cultural field LETTER
To all, 
A few weeks ago I sent a letter in Croatian ( I believe it was on the 
CROWN web site) to the Croatian Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of 
Culture regarding promoting Croatia in the tourism/cultural field. So far 
no answer! 
I just want to translate here my letter to the ones who don't read 
Croatian. It is in some way in line with some of the suggestions Marko P. 
made recently, and I could say "been there, done that". Our small 
Croatian organization, (which has disbanded since) at my suggestion has 
purchased books about Croatia, including "Serbia's Secret War", Mark 
Tanner's "Croatia, a Nation Forged in War", "Heavenly Serbia", several 
booklets about the destruction of Vukovar and its hospital, "Croatia, 
Myth and Reality", "Anatomy of Deceit" and sent or brought them 
personally to two regional main libraries (LA and Orange County) and two 
universities (UCLA and Chapman). Included were also travel brochures from 
the Croatian tourist Office. In addition, we bought one quite expensive 
book for the L.A. main library "Croatia in the Early Middle Ages" - for 
which they never even sent an acknowledgement, not even after I wrote and 
asked if they received it. So I can say, we have done a small part, that 
was possible for us to do, already a while back. Here is the translation 
of that letter 
Mrs. Pave Zupan Ruskovic, Minister of Tourism 
cc: Dr. Anton Vujic Minister of Culture 
Zagreb, Croatia 
Wishing to better - or perhaps even for the first time for some - 
acquaint the West with Croatia's history and culture, which places 
Croatia firmly among the Western cultures, I am turning to you with my 
plea that you do everything in your power to promote this idea on 
different levels. 
As the Minister of Tourism, I believe that you could, with the support of 
the Ministry of Culture and the HAZU, promote tourism meant for 
educational and scientific institutions, such as the Archaeological 
Institute of America, The Smithsonian Institute and the National 
Geographic .( At least these three I know of in the U.S. because I 
subscribe to their magazines.) The last one was showing very poor 
knowledge by their "experts", when they printed in an issue last year a 
map of former Yugoslavia showing Serbs as the first Slavic settlers in 
today's Croatia, while not even mentioning Croatians. Such false 
information should not have been possible ten years after the 
establishment of independent Croatia. It is high time that Croatia is 
recognized in academic/cultural circles. 
That is why I believe that promoting cultural and historical sites in 
Croatia as a destination for persons and institutions who are interested 
in such research is necessary and helpful to Croatia's image. 
Very truly yours, 
Hilda M. Foley 
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