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(E) Dino Rulli, Ph D
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  11/30/2003 | Friends | Unrated
(E) Dino Rulli, Ph D


Dino Rulli, Ph D


Hi, I am Dino Rulli, an American biologist of mixed European heritage. I was born on March 18, 1956 in Lorain, Ohio, an industrial town on the shores of Lake Erie. I was blessed to be born and raised by two incredible parents, Sonya and Robert Rulli. Whatever success I have is entirely due to their influence and that of my Russian/Polish maternal grandparents and Italian paternal grandparents. I have six equally lucky siblings.
The more than 75 nationalities represented in Lorain provided opportunities to meet people from all over the world. Exposure to cultures comes in many forms, my first exposure to Croatia was learning to bowl at The Croatian Club, a bowling alley / bar next to the steel mill. They have since relocated to the site of a former country club. Croatia was the featured nationality in the 2002 Lorain International Festival, an annual celebration of Lorain’s cultural diversity. My interest in Croatia was rekindled during the 2000 presidential campaign when I was designated an “honorary Croatian” by Nenad Bach prior to a meeting between ethnic community leaders and Al Gore. Through CROWN and its’ members I hope to be active enough to retain that title.
Early in life, I knew I would be a scientist, preferably near a beach. Much of my teen years were spent SCUBA diving in the cold waters of the Great Lakes. Assuming that the tropics were my destiny, I first went to Michigan State University to study general biology. After college, I worked in a factory in Lorain, awaiting word on my applications to marine science graduate programs. It was gratifying to be accepted into a program to study coral reef fish behavior, a goal since youth. However, fate intervened and I accidentally became a neurobiologist instead.
An unexpected offer from the University of Miami School of Medicine led to a doctorate degree in cellular and molecular biology. My research in Miami involved the transport of proteins in peripheral nerve cells (related to nerve function and regeneration) and central nervous system neurotransmitters related to Parkinson’s disease. The next step, studying the fish sense of smell at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, was certain to lead to a job on a beach in the tropics. Instead, I ended up working on cow proteins in New Jersey.
The five years I worked as an analytical chemist at the American Cyanamid Agricultural Research Center in Princeton, NJ taught me a lot about the chemical end of the pharmaceutical industry, from drug discovery to manufacturing issues. I transferred to the animal science department, and although still there the company changed hands (now Fort Dodge Animal Health, a Division of Wyeth). My job entails coordinating studies that evaluate new animal health drugs. This includes writing protocols, contracting the investigators, traveling to the trial sites, and writing reports to the FDA. Traveling is sometimes interesting - horses in New Mexico, cattle at a North Carolina prison farm, pigs in Louisiana, dog breeders in Michigan and Canada, and labs and universities in over a dozen other states.
In addition, I have been consulting and doing the programming for an upgrade of the web site for a company that makes silica-based chromatography matrices and columns (  ).
I have done a little traveling outside of work, such as dive trips to the Caribbean and Canada, visiting friends in Costa Rica and Europe, and a family trip up the Yangtze River in China before the flooding from the Three Gorges Dam. Visiting Croatia is now a priority. It is also nice to be home with my dog Chancey, my cat Pinky, and Chanceys’ cat Smokey. We live in an old cedar log cabin (with some 'flat-walled' rooms added) in Browns Mills, a town at the north edge of the Pine Barrens, the relatively unknown million acres of pines in southern New Jersey. I am now in the 13th year of a five-year plan to rehab the cabin, happy to say almost half done. I’ve stayed involved to various degrees with SCUBA diving, flying, and learning to sail on “Layla,” my 28-foot Columbia sailboat that was based in the Chesapeake Bay and is now in my back yard, awaiting either refurbishing or a flood. As a volunteer in the Coast Guard Auxiliary I’ve been active in teaching classes, VHF communication networks, and participating in safety patrols both on the water and in the air. Various other hobbies and interests keep me busy in my spare time.
My re-introduction to Croatia and the interesting people of CROWN has been very invigorating. I am extremely grateful to Nenad for allowing me to introduce myself, and look forward to meeting many people in this important network of Croatians, honorary or otherwise.

R. Dino Rulli, Ph.D.                                                  Curriculum Vitae 2003

                                                                                                                            Last update: Nov. 5, 2003


P.O. Box 1386                                                                                                Home: (609) 893-3048

Browns Mills, NJ  08015-8386                                                                         Work: (732) 631-5828



Professional Experience


Fort Dodge Animal Health                    Product Development Manager   Jan. 2000 - present

PO Box 5366                                 Sr. Product Development Coordinator    Dec. 92 – Dec.99

Princeton, NJ  08540-5366                                 Global Animal Science Development (GASD)

(formerly American Cyanamid Co.)


Domestic (US) Investigational New Animal Drug Field Trials general responsibilities

·        Develop and implement field trial programs in support of product registrations

·        Negotiate program and trial parameters with FDA (CVM), ensure trials are in compliance

·        Write protocols, identify investigators, negotiate contracts

·        Monitor trials, audit data, review investigator’s report, write final reports and submission

·        Work with Regulatory Affairs on submissions in support of new animal drug applications

·        Target animal safety trials (GLP), efficacy trials (GCP), bioequivalence studies

·        Studied pour-on (transdermal), injectable, oral gel, oral tablet, and sustained-release formulations in various species (dog, horse, cattle, and swine)

International Responsibilities

·        Review documentation and edit reports of cattle, sheep, swine, and dog trials from

      European, Canadian and Australian subsidiaries

·        Provide technical support to the international Regional Technical Offices


American Cyanamid Co.                                      Senior Research Biochemist   2/92 - 11/92

Princeton, NJ                                                                          Research Chemist    2/88 - 1/92


·        Supervised chromatography projects and personnel, wrote reports for NADA submissions

·        Chaired inter-divisional committee for the advancement of bioanalytical techniques

·        Investigated the utility of new equipment, including capillary electrophoresis, gamma

counters, densitometers, and the Reese system for temperature monitoring

·        Developed and validated analytical methods for recombinant proteins (chromatography,

gel electrophoresis, and receptor assay), minor components (urea, ammonia, carbohydrates, moisture), and residual solvents (gas chromatography)


Monell Chemical Senses Center                                             Research Associate  7/86 - 1/88

3500 Market St.

Philadelphia, PA  19104-3308


·        Biochemical, immunological, and histochemical analysis of vertebrate olfactory systems

·        Investigated putative signal transduction mechanisms by ligand binding assays, second

      messenger assays, and immunohistological assays of olfactory mucosa and bulb

·        Provided biochemical support to behavioral biologists working with fish, birds, and mammals



University of Miami, School of Medicine           Post-doctoral Research Assoc.     5/85- 6/86

Department of Physiology and Biophysics

Miami, FL  33101


·        Investigated putative mechanisms of Parkinson’s disease in mammals by HPLC analysis

      of neurotransmitters from tissue-cultured dopaminergic cells of the basal mesencephalon

      (substantia nigra) in response to growth factors isolated from their target tissue (striatum)

·        Reverse-phase ion-pairing HPLC with electrochemical detection (ECD) of serotonergic

and catecholaminergic neurotransmitters



University of Miami School of Medicine                1978-1985          Ph.D. Dept. of Physiology

Miami,  FL                                                                                                                and Biophysics


·        Cellular and Molecular Biology (Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Physiology) training grant

·        Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis of radiolabeled proteins, quantitative densitometry

·        Thesis:  “Destination of Fast-Transported Proteins in Spinal Sensory Nerves”


Michigan State University                                       1974-1978          BS (Honors); Biology and

E. Lansing, MI                                                                                               Zoology  (dual major)


·        Emphasis in applying general principals of biology, mathematics and chemistry to       problems in field biology and wildlife ecology

·        Director of residential college library and computer center (1975-1978); hired, trained and

managed a staff of fourteen employees



Peer-Reviewed Papers

Grubbs, S.T, D. Amodie, D. Rulli, M. Wulster-Radcliff, C. Reinemeyer, T. Yazwinski, C. Tucker, D. Hutchens, L. Smith and D. Patterson.  Field Evaluation of Moxidectin / Praziquantel Equine Oral Gel in Horses. 2003. submitted.

McCall, J.W., P. Supakorndej, M.T. Dzimianski, N. Supakorndej, A.E. Mansour, J.J. Jun, S.D. McCall, G.T. Wang, A. Sinha, and R.D. Rulli. Evaluation of Retroactive and Adulticidal Activity of Moxidectin Canine SR (Sustained Release) Injectable Formulation Against Dirofilaria immitis in Beagles.  2002submitted.

Stewart, T.B., S.E. Wiles, J.E. Miller, and R.D. Rulli.  Efficacy of Moxidectin 0.5% Pour-on Against Swine Nematodes. Vet. Parasitol., 1999, 87 (1), 39-44.

DiPietro, J.A., D.E. Hutchens, T.F. Lock, K. Walker, A.J. Paul, C. Shipley, and D. Rulli.   Clinical Field Trial of Moxidectin Oral Gel in Horses.  Vet. Parasitol., 1997, 72 (2), 167-177.

Rulli, R.D.  “Quantitative Evaluation by Computer-Based Video Densitometry of Film Response to Different Isotopes and Fluorographic Treatments”  Anal. Biochem., 1988, 175, 145-153.

Perng, G., R.D. Rulli, D.L. Wilson, and G.W. Perry. “A Comparison of Fluorographic Methods for the Detection of 35S-Labeled Proteins in Polylacrylamide Gels”, Anal. Biochem., 1988, 173, 387-392.

Bruch, R.C. and R.D. Rulli.  “Ligand Binding Specificity of a Neutral L-amino Acid Olfactory Receptor”, Comp. Biochem. and Physiol., 1988, 91B, 535-540.

Rulli, R.D. and D.L. Wilson  “Destinations of Some Fast-Transported Proteins in Sensory Neurons of Bullfrog Sciatic Nerve”, J. Neurochem., 1987, 48(1), 134-140.

Rulli, R.D. and D.L. Wilson. “Proteins in Fast Axonal Transport are Differentially Transported in Branches of Sensory Nerves”, Brain Research, 1985, 335, 165-168.

Book Chapters

Wrote chapter 8 “Quality Control” in Aroma-Spa Therapy, by Anne Roebuck, 1995, published by Annessence, Inc., Toronto, Canada.  Edited technical aspects of remainder of book.

Valdez, H.B., D. Nonner, R.D. Rulli, L. Gralnik, and J.N. Barrett.  “Trophic Effects of Striatal Proteins on Central Dopaminergic Neurons in Culture”, Progress in Parkinson Research, 1988, 163-172.  F. Hefti and W.J. Weiner (eds.), Plenum Press, NY.

Symposium Proceedings (oral presentations at scientific meetings)

Rulli, R. Dino.  Tolerance and Toxicity Evaluation of Quest® Plus Gel (Moxidectin/Praziquantel) in Foals and Yearlings.  Fort Dodge Satellite Symposium “Moxidectin”, at the 48th AAVP, July 2003, Denver, CO.

Rulli, R.D.  Safety of Repeated Treatments with Moxidectin Canine SR (Sustained Release) Injectable.  American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) annual meeting, May 2001, Denver, CO.

Selected Symposium Proceedings (written presentations at scientific meetings)

Rulli, R. Dino.  Tolerance and Toxicity Evaluation of Quest® Plus Gel (Moxidectin/Praziquantel) in Foals and Yearlings.  Fort Dodge Satellite Symposium “Moxidectin”, at the 48th AAVP, July 2003, Denver, CO.

Selected Abstracts (presented at scientific meetings)

Heaney, K, T. Rock, D. Amodie, R.D. Rulli, D.D. Bowman, N. Neumann, M. Ulrich, J.W. McCall, and R. Lindahl.  ProHeart 6 and ProHeart SR-12 Research Update:  A summary of recent studies on hookworm persistent efficacy, 3-month retroactive activity and safety in puppies.  19th International Conference of the World Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology, p.115, August 2003, New Orleans, LA.

Rulli, R. Dino.  Tolerance and Toxicity Evaluation of Quest® Plus Gel (Moxidectin/Praziquantel) in Foals and Yearlings. Fort Dodge Satellite Symposium “Moxidectin”, page 7, 48th AAVP, July 2003, Denver, CO.

Grubbs, S, D. Amodie, M. Wulster-Radcliff, D. Rulli, C. Reinemeyer, T. Yaswinki and C. Tucker  Field Evaluation of Moxidectin / Praziquantel Equine Oral Gel in Horses.  48th AAVP, Abst. 47, July 2003, Denver, CO,

Rulli, R. D. S. Grubbs, K. Heaney, C.E. Heird, E. Ivey-Weich and C. Reinemeyer.  Tolerance and Toxicity Evaluation of Moxidectin/Praziquantel  Equine Oral Gel in Foals and Yearllings.  48th AAVP, Abst. 46, July 2003, Denver, CO.

Cleale, R, K. Heaney, D. Hutchens, M. Hutchinson, T. Klei, G. Levot, C. Reinemeyer, D.Rulli and R. Swain. Dose Confirmation and Field Efficacy Studies of a 2% Moxidectin / 12.5% Praziquantel oral Gel Formulations Against Anoplocephala spp. and other Equine Parasites. 48th AAVP, Abst. 45, July 2003, Denver, CO.

McCall, J.M., P. Supakorndej, M.T. Dzimanski, A. Mansour, J-J Jin, N. Supakorndej, N. Supakorndej, S.D. McCall, K. Heaney, and R.D. Rulli.  Evaluation of Moxidectin (ProHeartŇ 6 and ProHeart SR-12) against 3-, 4-, and 6- month old infections of Dirofilaria immitis in Beagles. 47th AAVP, Abst. 13, July2002, Nashville, TN.

Heaney, K, S. Ranjan, R.M. Cleale, R.D. Rulli, D.D. Bowman, L. Hulsebos, M. Holm-Martin, and R. Atwell.  ProHeartŇ 6 and ProHeartŇ SR-12 Research Update: Larvicidal Effects Against Hookworm Safety Evaluation in Puppies and at 15X the ProHeartŇ 6 dose in Adult Dogs.  47th AAVP, Abst. 12, July 2002, Nashville, TN.

Rulli, R.D.  Safety of Repeated Treatments with Moxidectin Canine SR (Sustained Release) Injectable.  American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) annual meeting, May 2001, Denver, CO.

McCall, J.M., P. Supakorndej, M.T. Dzimanski, A. Mansour, J-J Jin, N. Supakorndej, S.D. McCall, G.T. Wang, and R.D. Rulli.  Evaluation of Retroactive and Adulticidal Activity of Moxidectin Canine SR (Sustained Release) Injectable Formulation Against Dirofilaria immitis Infections in Beagles. Heartworm Symposium, April 2001, San Antonio, TX.

Blagburn, B.L., A.J. Paul, J.M. Butler, D.E. Hutchens, J.L. Vaughan, W. Tranquilli, R.M. Cleale, and R.D. Rulli.  Safety of Moxidectin Canine SR (Sustained Release) Injectable in Ivermectin-Sensitive Collies and in Naturally Infected Mongrel Dogs.  Heartworm Symposium, April 2001, San Antonio, TX.

Bowman, D.D., J.W. McCall, P. Supakorndej, N. Supakorndej, S.D. McCall, R.M. Cleale, PlJ. Scholl, and R.D. Rulli.  Efficacy of Moxidectin Canine SR (Slow-Release) Injectable Against Experimental Hookworm (Ancylostoma caninum and Uncinaria stenocephala) Infections in Dogs.  45th AAVP, Abst. 6, July 2000, Salt Lake City, UT.

Blagburn, B.L., J.M. Butler, J.L. Vaughan and R.D. Rulli.  Clinical Observations Following the Administration of Moxidectin Canine Sustained Release (SR) Injectable in Heartworm Positive Dogs.  45th AAVP, Abst. 60, July2000, Salt Lake City, UT.

Stewart, T.B., S.E. Wiles, J.E. Miller, and R.D. Rulli. 1998  Efficacy of moxidectin 0.5% pour-on against swine nematodes.  43rd AAVP, Abst 2,July 1998, Baltimore, MD.

DiPietro, J.A., D.E. Hutchens, T.F. Lock, K. Walker, A.J. Paul, C. Shipley, and D. Rulli. Effect of Moxidectin Oral Gel on Posttreatment Strongyle Egg Count Suppression in Horses.  AAVP, Abst. 23, July 1996, Louisville, KY.

Vest, D.J., Tracy Fant, Catherine Wade, R.D. Rulli, and T.M. Craig.  A Controlled Study on the Effect of Moxidectin on Gasterophilus intestinalis. AAVP, Abst 28, July 1996, Louisville, KY.

Bruch, R.C., J.H. Teeter, and R.D. Rulli. “Olfactory Structure-Activity Relationships: Receptor Binding Specificity and Cyclic Nucleotide Second Messengers”, Chemical Senses, 1989, 14(1), 176.

Bruch, R.C., R.D. Rulli, and A.G. Boyle.  “Olfactory L-amino Acid Receptor Specificity and Stimulation of Potential Second Messengers”, Chemical Senses, 1987, 12(4), 642-643.

Rulli, R.D. and R.C. Bruch.  “Ligand binding Specificity of the Olfactory L-alanine Receptor of the Channel Catfish”, Chemical Senses, 1987, 12(4), 692-693.

Rulli, R.D. and D.L. Wilson. “Selective Routing of Fast-Transported Proteins in Branches of Sensory Axons” Soc. Neurosci. Abstr., 1983, 9, 20.



2000, 2001      American Home Products Performance Incentive Award

1998, 1999      American Home Products Personal Achievement Award

1978    NIH Institutional Fellowship (full scholarship to Ph.D.)

1974    National Merit Scholar

1972    MAA (Mathematics Association of America) award

Selected Professional Courses (needs updating)

·        VICH/GCP and OECD Guidelines for Study Directors and Monitors, March, 2001

·        GLP refresher course, at BASF (formerly American Cyanamid), January, 2000

·        How to Handle Regulatory FDA Inspections, at American Cyanamid, November, 1998

·        Report Review Procedures, at American Cyanamid, October, 1996

·        Performance Planning, at American Cyanamid, February, 1996

·        GLP refresher course, at American Cyanamid, January, 1996

·        Interpersonal Communication Skills (Skillpath Seminar), Atlantic City, NJ  June, 1995

·        Technical Writing Workshop (Shipley Associates), Princeton, NJ  March, 1995

·        Data Integrity Workshop, at American Cyanamid, August, 1994

·        Marketing Workshop, Princeton, NJ, February, 1994

·        Workshop on the Regulation of Animal Products, The Food and Drug Law Institute,     Alexandria, VA  June, 1993

·        Praxis:  Back to Basics (Kenning principals of management),  April, 1993

·        Computer courses in:  Formal Reports Electronic Database (FRED), SAS Basics Version 5,             Intermediate Lotus, Advanced DOS 5.0, Windows 3.1, Word for Windows 2.0, Excel           4.0, and Introduction to the Internet, at American Cyanamid Company, October 1988 -             September, 1994

·        FDA Perspective Update - Validation of Drug Substances and Drug Products (Rutgers,          College of Pharmacy), New Brunswick, NJ, December, 1991

·        Regulatory Compliance (Center for Professional Advancement), Chicago, IL, Sept.,  1991

·        Advanced Techniques for Ion Analysis (Waters Co.), Princeton, NJ, August, 1991

·        Ask the FDA (Rutgers, College of Pharmacy), Woodbridge, NJ, June, 1991

·        EPA Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Standards, by W. Garner, Rider College, Trenton,         NJ, June, 1991

·        Introduction to Good Laboratory Practices, by C. Lennon, at American Cyanamid Co.,             February, 1991

·        Introduction to Oracle SQL*Plus, at American Cyanamid, September, 1990

·        Capillary Electrophoresis, ABI Symposium, April, 1990

·        Chemical Dynamics (graduate chemistry course, Princeton University), Princeton NJ, 1989

·        Targeted Selection (Interviewing techniques), at American Cyanamid, September, 1988


Teaching Experience

1997 -              Certified Instructor, US Coast Guard Auxiliary.   Instructor in public education boating safety and advanced coastal navigation courses

1987 - 1988     Instructor, Photographic Techniques for Scientific Publications, Monell Chemical Senses Center, Philadelphia, PA

1986 - 1987     Directed undergraduate student research in neurobiology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

1982 - 1985     Lab Instructor, Physiology, S.E. College of Osteopathic Medicine, North Miami Beach, FL.  Nerve-muscle physiology, EKG, cardiovascular pharmacology of the dog (surgery lab), pulmonary physiology, renal physiology, and endocrinology

1980 - 1985     Tutored medical students from the University of Miami School of Medicine, S.E. College of Osteopathic Medicine, and St. Georges University, in medical physiology

1979                Assistant Instructor, P.A.D.I. (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) Advanced SCUBA course, Florida Keys, FL

1977 - 1978     Swimming Instructor, Michigan School for the Blind, Lansing, MI

1975 - 1976     Assistant First Aid Instructor, Michigan State University, E. Lansing, MI

1973 - 1974     Photography and Darkroom Techniques course instructor, Southview High School, Lorain, OH



2003                Amateur Radio (Ham) License – Technician (KC2LCE)

2002                US Coast Guard Auxiliary – Air Crew

2000                US Coast Guard Auxiliary – Aviation Observer

1998                Certified in:  CPR, Infant CPR, Standard First Aid,

1998                Certified Vessel Examiner, US Coast Guard Auxiliary

1998                Certified (by Coast Guard) as Boat Crew Qualified

1997                Certified as Instructor - US Coast Guard Auxiliary

1997                Certified (by Coast Guard) as Auxiliary Specialist in:  Weather, Seamanship,

      Navigation, Communications, Search and Rescue, Patrols, Administration

1996                US Coast Guard Auxiliary - Basically Qualified (BQ) member

1996                Sailing and Seamanship Course, US Coast Guard Auxiliary

1991                Commercial Pilot (Airplane)

1990                Instrument Rating (Airplane)

1988                Private Pilot (Airplane, Single-Engine Land)

1980, 1991      Basic Rescuer - CPR (American Red Cross, American Heart)

1978                Assistant SCUBA Instructor (Y.M.C.A.)

1977                Water Safety Instructor (American Red Cross)

1976, 1987      Advanced Lifesaving and Water Safety (American Red Cross)

1975                Standard First Aid (American Red Cross)

1974                Advanced SCUBA Diving (N.A.U.I.)

1973                Ice Diving Clinic (Lee Somers, Univ. of Michigan)

1971                Basic SCUBA Diving (P.A.D.I., Y.M.C.A.)


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