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(E,H) Children's Festival in New York
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/7/2002 | Events | Unrated
(E,H) Children's Festival in New York
My dear fellow Croats! 
The 3rd Croatian Children’s Festival will be held this Saturday and Sunday, March 9th and 10th. It will be a very impressive cultural event; there are 120 children performing to the music of 28 songs created by well-know Croatian composers. 
This year’s festival will be dedicated to the victims of the World Trade Center tragedy. Since 2002 marks the 10thyear Anniversary of the international recognition of Croatia, we will also dedicate this festival to the innocent victims of the aggression on Croatia, and the victims of the war in Croatia. Find time to come and listen to the children so that we can be together as a community and as a people. For when people are together, then the Lord is with them as well. 
Warmest regards, 
Father Robert Zubovic 
Dragi hrvatski puce! 
U subotu i nedjelju ce se odrzati vrlo vazan kulturno-zabavni program kojeg priprema vise od 120 djece izvodeci 28 pjesama u pjesmi i plesu eminentnih skladatelja iz Hrvatske i Amerike. Ovaj Festival posvecujemo svi stradalima u teroristickom napadu na SAD-e kao i svim zrtvama hrvatskog domovinskog rata a prigodom 10-te obljetnice medjunarodnog priznanja Hrvatske. Nadjite vremena da dodjete poslusati svoju djecu i da kao narod budemo zajedno. Jer kad su braca zajedno, tada je i Gospodin s njime. 
Pozdravlja Vas 
Don Robert Zubovic, svecenik u Astoriji 
Saturday March 9th at 7pm. 
Sunday March 10th at 4pm. 
Queensborough Community College 
222-05 56th Ave. 
Ticket Price- $35 
Tickets are held: 
After Sunday Mass at Hrvatski Centar sold by 
Mr. Stipe Dumancic 
After Sunday Mass at Cafeteria 
Most Precious Blood School in Astoria 
Cafe Bar Scorpio & Loyd 
For reservation you can call: 
Rose Maracic: 516-365-9628 
Ivica Gasparic: 718-626-3354 
Vivijana Knapic: 718-626-9488 
For other information call: 
Eleonora: 516-933-9613: 
Fr. Zubovic: 718-726-7937: 
*Dobro Dosli Na Treci Hrvatski Djecji Festival New York 2002* 
Support this great event 
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