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(E) Go Support "Harrison Flowers" THIS WEEKEND Why? Read
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/15/2002 | Entertainment | Unrated
(E) Go Support "Harrison Flowers" THIS WEEKEND Why? Read
Dragi Nenad, 
Pozdrav iz Los Angelesa. 
It is great that you guys put this story: 
- (E) An American in Vukovar in "Harrison's Flowers"- 
on the CroWorld site. 
I work for Universal Pictures and Universal Focus who 
is doing North American distribution of the movie 
"Harrison Flowers". The movie is rather properly 
balanced regarding the Serbian aggression and horrors 
of Vukovar. I asked our publicity here also to link 
an offical web site of the city of Vukovar to the 
film's official site which they did. 
You can check the film's official web site at 
and Vukovar's site is under Links and News section. 
The movie is opening on 500 screens this weekend and 
who ever goes to the film's web site would be able to 
get to the Vukovar's web site and see original 
Croatian perspective... 
Igor Kovacevich 
Universal Pictures/Universal Focus Acqusitions 
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